I believe that the first thing that ought to be said to Producer M is that on behalf of the entire North American player base, we sincerely hope that you can stop feeling so stressed.

Nihonjin ga daisuki desu hohoho. Hopefully through dialog we might reach a certain understanding. It is through communication that we achieve harmony, is it not?

The people who have used profanity and inappropriate slurs lack the maturity and refinement to discuss things when emotions become involved. But let us delve into where they are coming from, shall we?

For many years, Producer T, guided us in the ways of balance, and despite disagreeing with him at time, this was always something we could count on from the Team at SE. This balance brings a lot of us comfort, it is what we hold to be true and real about our FFXI experience. That being said, we have always been more receptive to changes and improvements in other equipment slots, but when it comes to our weapons, we consider those our treasures.

Let us find a way, through discussion and open dialogue to remedy this rift that has begun to form between us. Let's find a way where all the needs of SE, financial and the like can be met as well as the needs of the player base that has been so loyal all these years.

We all realize that in order for there to be real success, which is what we all desire for SE, we need to see financial growth and sales of this content need to meet specific parameters. What we are hoping is that we can preserve balance, continue to hold onto and improve our treasures, and see prosperity for all parties.

Perhaps a way to make all continuing quests for RMEC improvement flow from and through SoA? Or just a prerequisite quest so that people are required to buy the expansion so that they may begin the next level of improvements, like a merit badge of sorts for exploration.

Regardless it is our hope, in the North American continent to continue to see full expansions, to see progression and to feel like we are still playing the same FFXI we have grown to love and adore with such fervor.

Thank you for your time and we all hope that you take our feelings to heart.