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    Accessible Content

    This word "Accessible/inaccessible" has been thrown around quite a bit lately and you guys don't seem to understand what it means.

    Accessible - ABLE to approach, reach, enter, speak with, or use.

    Here's the word you're misunderstanding it for.

    Gimp - A limp. A person who limps.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zumi View Post
    Delve looks like Legion 2.0 which hardly anyone will get to do. I always wanted to do legion but never seen any shouts for it.
    I never saw any shouts for legion but there were definitely a ton of people who WANTED to do legion when I did my own shout for it and eventually started a static linkshell. I had the problem of having TOO many people wanting to join actually. Many of you are guilty for this as well and it has alot to do with the fact that you aren't at a level to be successful @ delve. You'll want to do the event, but instead of reading up and learning about what you want to do, and take matters into your own hands, you wait around hoping someone else will do the work for you and let you just join in.

    Matsui said this-

    In closing, I'd like to mention this again.
    Delve is being released with balancing for top players; however, after we release newer end-game content we plan on making adjustments for those players catching up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Luvbunny View Post
    Because making accessible content for the general population is very hard for them lol. Plus give it a year or so - and they probably let everyone go at it, all the new contents are designed as "barrier" to give you just enough incentive but making sure that progress is severely limited so that only 5% of the population can try it and beta test it for them - but they present it so that you will feel "privileged" for being able to do so. If enough people complaints, then they will just come back and tell you that they never intend for everyone to be able to try these, only the hardcore of the elitist will get to do it...
    These are the words of a person who is "gimp" and blames the problem on "inaccessibility."

    Voidwatch is close to, if not, over 2 years old. Legion is over a year old. Neo events are 4mons - over a year old. Some people have completed it and they don't have to be hardcore or elite to have finished because the said content is simply old. There is always a TOP when they release things. A top tier of weapons, of gear, or events. Some people complete and get those things faster than others. For those people, delve was created in consideration of. It has nothing to do with anyone being "hardcore" or "elitest." They just accomplished what they wanted to before you did.

    Luvbunny said it very nicely. Her char is fairly gimp and she will simply wait for the content to dumb down to her level. Until then, there's obviously other content she can do to her better gear her character.
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    not sure exactly what the point of this post was....but some things that need to be considered if I am getting the jist of what you were trying to say.

    Just because the access is technically open to all who desire to try, it does not automatically follow that it is readily accessible to all.

    Various factors at play....reputation, expectation of dedication to your job (which is sometimes judged solely by the gear you are idle in at the time someone checks you), time constraints (not everyone has the time, or is otherwise tolerant of having to sit around waiting for shout groups to fill), and that brings to mind various issues stemming from fracturing of the playerbase (like how some may prefer to static events with friends, many of whom may be out of game for an unknown amount of time)...just a short list of things that came to mind as I read the OP.

    Basically....there are a host of factors that may be disuading a player from participation. Some may be bound to the requirements for access (prereq. things like quests, missions, etc. that may present obstacles), others may be bound to issues with the playerbase (reputation, judging equipment)...or simply real life issues that take precedent to the time required in game for attendance. Most all of these things are not necesarrily a technical impedence to access, but they can in fact prevent someone from actually accessing the content.

    An obstacle, whatever it may be, IS still an obstacle, and often times is subjective to the player. Just because it may not be an obstacle to you, it does not necessarily mean it is not an issue for someone else. The problem comes where the obstacle in question has become so common that it is impeding too large a segment of the playerbase from attending the events....then there in fact may be a real problem with accessibility or balance within the event that may need to be adjusted somehow to make it more accessible to those that are feeling left out (for whatever reason that may be, if it is common enough, SE may feel the need to tweak something to open it up to more players).
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    LMAO - I actually have the voidwatch gears from Akvan, Pil, and Kaggen, and a host of other things Some people consider getting gears as their ultimate reasons and goals playing the game - while others don't put too much importance on the top tier gears but more on the "host of other activities within the game". Mine is decent, but by all means not "gimped".

    The OP has serious comprehension on the word "Accessible". Abyssea is accessible (yes it has plenty of "gated content" but overall is pretty accessible compared to SoA). Voidwatch is accessible, they put the stone timer as your only barrier, plus atmacite upgrade which tied to how much cruors you have. Meeble Burrow is accessible, extremely so, you get 10 tags to start with, and all you have to do is ask the NPC to get it started. All the neo contents are also somewhat accessible, and with practice most of these contents will be easier.

    There is a big difference from "accessible" pre SoA and the new contents in SoA. Most of the endgame of SoA are not accessible, it's gated content with plenty of hoops for you to jump through and better have a fat wallet or willingness to "farm" your pieces. I am well aware a small numbers of people have "completed" most of the contents and would rather have the first dip on all the new ones, even at the cost of being taken for a ride as guinea pig. Bless their hearts for helping to make those contents easier down the road in the future. Delve and Skirmish are not even remotely accessible for 90% of the players. You have to jump through so many hoops, you can't even do them in regular basis.

    I am not proposing so that everyone will be running around with top tier gears within days of new contents being released.... But there is a BIG difference between Abyssea steady progression VS SoA progression. Even the so called old school content (relic and mythic weapons) has a "long and steady" progression compared to SoA. You don't need to gather tons of items just so you can do your daily 2 hours dynamis or getting entrance to Salvage.