• What is Delve?

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    Delve is high-difficulty battle content aimed level 99 players who have bested the Nakuaals in Wildskeeper Reives and toppled evil forces in skirmishes. This thrilling content takes place in quasi-extradimensional caves located in Eastern Ulbuka known as “fractures,” and intrepid explorers are tasked with vanquishing the notorious monsters (NMs) and bosses that reside within.

  • Prerequisites
    • Players must have the FINAL FANTASY XI: Seekers of Adoulin expansion installed and registered to their account.
    • Players must be level 95 or above.*
    • Parties must consist of between three and eighteen members.*
    • The party leader must be in possession of a “Yantric Planchette” key item.*
    * These are prerequisites for entering a fracture.

  • Available Areas

    Delve is currently available in a total of three areas, with resident monsters differing by area.

    Foret de Hennetiel / Ceizak Battlegrounds / Morimar Basalt Fields

  • Progressing Through Delve

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    Succeeding in Delve will reward players with powerful equipment to assist them in the colonization effort. Such weapons and armor can be enhanced by materials known as “airlixirs” and further bolstered through the acquisition of a special substance known as “mweya plasm.”

    Gather your allies to prepare to strike at the boss monsters of a particular fracture! First, seek out and vanquish the monsters that appear in both the field and the fracture proper to receive your just reward in the form of mweya plasm, equipment, and airlixers.

    Enhance the rewards that you receive, and when your confidence is at its peak, pierce the veil surrounding the fracture to take the dreadful lair master head-on!

  • Battles Within a Fracture

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    Five NMs and one boss monster reside within each fracture.

  • Battles in the Field

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    The daring can fight NMs normally appearing in a fracture in the field as well. Vanquishing them in this state will occasionally yield “yggzi beads,” a special type of crystal that, when inserted into a yantric planchette, prevents its corresponding NM from appearing within the fracture. Up to three yggzi beads can be placed in one yantric planchette.

  • Fighting Against Notorious Monsters in the Field

    1. Acquiring Yggrete Shards

      Yggrete shards can be obtained in a variety of ways, including as drops from monsters that reside in a given area and as rewards for successfully completing reives.

    2. Fighting NMs

      There are a number of locations in each area to which you can trade yggrete shards. Doing so will call forth the specific NM attuned to the shard, enabling you to engage it in combat.
      * Examining the location will provide you with information on which yggrete shard is required.

    3. Supplement
      The following NMs may be challenged to combat in the appropriate areas:

      Foret de Hennetiel
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      Ceizak Battlegrounds
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      Morimar Basalt Fields
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  • Tackling the Dangers of a Fracture

    1. Acquiring Yggrete

      Yggrete is required for obtaining a “yantric planchette” key item, which is used to enter a fracture. There are multiple methods for acquiring yggrete, such as defeating monsters in the appropriate area and receiving it as a reward for successfully completing reives.

    2. Acquiring a Yantric Planchette

      You may acquire a yantric planchette by trading yggrete to the “Anomaly Expert” located in Eastern Adoulin (G-10).

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      The Anomaly Expert is more than just a conduit for creating yantric planchettes. She also provides explanations about Delve in general,affixes yggzi beads to yantric planchettes, and performs other vital functions.

      * In order to benefit from the Anomaly Expert’s services, players must be in possession of at least one key item obtained by vanquishing a Naakual during a wildskeeper reive.

    3. Throwing Back the Veil

      Make your way to one of the areas in question. The entrance to a fracture is known as a “veil,” and your party will be able to pierce the veil and enter the fracture by having the party leader examine it with the appropriate yantric planchette in tow.
      * The yantric planchette will be consumed upon entry.

      Foret de Hennetiel(E-7)
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      Ceizak Battlegrounds(H-8)
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      Morimar Basalt Fields(I-5)
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    4. Delving into a Fracture

      Your party may only occupy a fracture for forty-five minutes (Earth time) before the tenuous link between Ulbuka and the fracture breaks down.

      Those succeeding in besting the NMs and their fearsome leader in the allotted time can celebrate their victory and receive rewards commensurate with their efforts.

      After the gruesome monstrosities have been given their comeuppance, the total time the party has left in the fracture will be set to five minutes (Earth time), after which the power of the yantric planchette fades and occupants are returned to Eastern Ulbuka.

      Fractures are broken up into three main areas, and adventurers are only deemed fit to advance from one to another if they have met certain conditions placed on them within the fracture. There are two main ways via which the ethereal passages within a fracture open up to outsiders:

      ・All NMs in the area are defeated
      Defeating all NMs in the current area will enable you and your allies to press onward.

      ・A certain amount of time passes
      Some passageways unlock after a specific amount of time has passed. However, once the passageways have been opened, the terrifying beasts lurking beyond will advance upon the intruding pioneers.

  • Spoils

    As shown in the table below, the types of rewards that may be earned from Delve vary according to what type of foe has been subdued and where the battle took place.

      NMs (Field) NMs (Fracture) Boss (Fracture)
    Mweya plasm (1)
    Yggzi beads × ×
    Equipment (2) (2)
    Airlixir (2) (2)
    Synthesis materials × ×

    (1) The number of NMs vanquished provides a bonus to the amount of plasm obtained.
    (2) The same items may be earned both in the field and within a fracture, but fights taking place within a fracture grants a higher chance of dropping spoils.

    • Mweya Plasm

      Mweya plasm is acquired by subjugating foes within a fracture or called forth from a fracture using yggrete shards. The plasma can be exchanged for equipment and accessories from NMs, as well as airlixirs, with “Forri-Porri” who is located in Western Adoulin (I-10).

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      * Forri-Porri will not appear unless pioneers have successfully voted on a referendum to edify the Inventors’ Coalition in a particular way.
      * Available items will increase in stages as NMs are defeated.

    • Upgrading Equipment

      Certain pieces of equipment wrested from the hands of NMs that inhabit Ulbuka’s fractures may be incrementally upgraded with “Benjamien” in the Inventors’ Coalition in exchange for bayld and airlixirs.

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      Cunning adventurers must choose between one of three ways to enhance their newly acquired items by first having them undergo a process known as “mezzotinting.”

      Applying airlixirs to mezzotinted equipment will gradually increase its capabilities.

      The following information is included at the bottom of the applicable items’ descriptions:
      Type: Upgrade path selected
      Rank: Upgrade rank
      NextRP: Amount of points needed for the next rank.

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      * Airlixirs are not required when choosing an upgrade path.
      * All rank points will be lost when switching from one upgrade path to another.
      * Spoils gained from defeating the leader of a fracture may not be upgraded.