So coming into the game i joined a great Linkshell. I've got a good amount of friends there. and few i speak to it has inspired me to make a Linkshell of my own. Now i well still keep there Pearl because i love to speak to them all. and if they want a pearl for mine there more then welcome. Anyways Onto my Linkshell

I am Pintsized and i have Created Dark Requiem which is a Social Linkshell for all level players weather new or old. I will do my best to help you. I am currently leveling up Dark to 99. Currently level 34. i've been playing a week. My highest is Samurai 50. I do not log off the game so if i am away when u contact me please dont be alarmed.

We are happy to help any1 we can. Right now it is me and a few friends. But u can message me n game Pintsized or Lizziemanan for a pearl. We will be creating a website once the LS gets moving