It has come to our attention that certain individuals are attempting to direct players to a fake log-in page for the Square Enix Account Management System in an attempt to steal (also known as “phishing”) their Square Enix ID and password.

These scammers have been confirmed to send URLs via email with a message stating that a user agreement violation or billing issue has been confirmed.
The fake URLs are cleverly disguised by making minor alterations to the official URL such as removing the – (hyphen) symbol and switching the letter i with l. They can easily be mistaken for a legitimate URL, so please take special caution in noting any discrepancies.

The official URL for the Square Enix Account Management System is

*The Square Enix Account Management System website complies with EV SSL certification. If you access a legitimate website, your browser’s address bar will turn green and you will see “SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.” as the website administrator on the right or left hand side.

*For more information on EV SSL certification, please visit the website below.

If you have accidentally entered your Square Enix ID and password into the fake website or simply clicked on the false URL, you should run your anti-malware or anti-virus software and change your password immediately.

Changing your password

Also, we strongly recommend players to use a Square Enix Security Token which will vastly improve account security.

About the Square Enix Security Token

Keep your personal information safe! Keep your Square Enix ID and password secure!