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    Companion's Roll

    Platform: Xbox 360
    Date & Time: Over the past several weeks
    Frequency: Constantly
    Character Name: Louispv
    Race: Hume
    World: Carbuncle
    Main Job: BST and PUP
    Support Job: DNC
    Area and Coordinates: Salvage zones version 1 and 2, meeble burrows, both versions, and Rolanberry fields for confirmatory testing.
    Party or Solo: party
    1. Have a COR under level 99 learn and use Companion's Roll.
    2. Receive between 1 and 25 tp/tick regain for rolls between 1 and 11. This is with automatons, charmed pets, and jug pets from Call Beast.
    3. Level the COR up to 99 and use Companion's Roll.
    4. Receive between 1 and 6 tp/tick regain on all of the above pets, on all of the above roll numbers.

    This makes this buff completely worthless unless you never level COR up to 99 specifically to keep it useful. If you do reach level 99 on COR you're better off using player enhancing rolls, simply because Companion's roll just randomly got much weaker for some reason. I sincerely hope the numbers at 99 are the glitch, rather than the numbers at level 95-98, as you seem to have accidentally copied Tactician's Roll's effect for level 99, instead of Companion's Roll.

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    Greetings Louispv,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have made sure to submit your information to the development team, and they will make sure to thoroughly investigate this matter, based on your report. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that a direct response will be posted on this thread, but I do recommend consulting or for any details about the development team's investigation. Thanks again for your report!

    GM Bublex
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