I wanted to ask this question for sometime now and have looked to see if someone has thought the same as me.

Why is Ranger evasion skill so low? I mean E grade is pathetic. It has made it next to impossible for me to solo anything greater than a DC mob using /dnc just to keep me alive. Has SE never thought of raising this to a higher skill ,possibly a B grade to keep it the same as most other DD style jobs. I wouldn't mind some sort of parry skill as well but that could be lower at C ish ratings in order to keep par with Cor.

I have tried looking at other forums to see if there has been anything written about this in the past but cannot find it.

I don't have alot of friends on my server in order to low man these days, I live in the UK as well and most of my remaining friends are in the USA making timing an issue as well.

I would just like to play one of my favorite jobs, hopefully become my all time job if it could just solo a little better. I see loads of other jobs with better skills and stats and just see rng being held back alot by a simple evasion parry fix (for now).

I would welcome any comments/recommendations on how to make rng solo a little better or whether anyone thinks like me over this issue.