Hey all.

I got it into my head that I wanted to level Samurai and build a full Saotome +2 set. I've already upgraded to the +2 and done the XP trial for the feet, legs, and hands. However, I'm trying to do the trial for the body and head simultaneously in Dynamis-Tavnazia. I've soloed a bit, but it's slow going. Tav is a rough zone. Everything is so tightly packed, it's tough to find a safe spot to fight, and tougher still to pull just one mob at a time.

I've done about 9000 of the required 20,000 XP so far, but it's a slog. On my best days I seem to be able to break 2,000 XP, but usually average about 1000-1500.

So I'm hoping I can find someone to help me out with this. Nobody that I know in game has Tavnazia access and I never have much luck with /yells. Help is much appreciated and if there's an enterprising mercenary out there who would be interested in doing this for pay, I'm willing to talk price.