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    Returning Player Looking for a Good Home

    Hi, all. I left pre-Abyssea and came back for SoA. I'm looking for a nice LS who might be able to show me what I've missed. I have a 75THF, 72BRD, a couple jobs in the 50s and the rest around the 20s. I don't know anyone in-game anymore, so lately I've just been soloing BST (just got it to 50, last night). More than anything, I'm looking to make some good friends in-game. Thanks.

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    Like wise.. I have been offline for over 8 YEARS!!!! Now that i am back all the awesome cool people that i meant before are no where to be found. I did forget most of them too, but i am ready to get back in the game and continue where i left off.
    I hope that i can find some cool people to connect with, its been lonely and the game seems so deserted now. Well SAV (the above thread poster) if you ever would like to battle a few monsters in the game or complete a quest or two send me a message. That goes for any old or new players. SEE YA in the game!!!.....hopefully since everyone is playing WOW or Monopoly now?