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    Tidal Roar and Diamond Storm are still very useful in Delve.

    -25 eva can be the difference between capping acc or not, and -25% attack is not to be sniffed at, especially since you almost always want to have dia on the mob to kill it faster, rather than bio to not kill you.

    Obviously there are other ways to get these same buffs, but I don't often see a DRG/BLU/THF in Delve. Though nor do I often see a SMN to be honest.

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    I should probably add that Shock Squall is also useful. I also concur that the post 75 wards generally have uses that aren't super niche, even if it is often not MP efficient and creates too much lag time time when dealing with a single mob. Delves and the longer kill cycle makes these somewhat more useful again.

    Duration however is a problem, especially with Geo auras now being able to apply debuffs and Geos aren't time limited to 45 sec BP timers so they can potentially be doing a lot more in between.

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