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    Grammar issues with Twitherym Infestation; preposition repetition with Artisan Moogle

    Most Twitherym enemies have names that end with "Twitherym," and "Twitherym" is treated as a plural noun in the text log because there is more than one Twitherym. That's fine and dandy.

    However, with the Twitherym Infestation enemy, the "Infestation" part of the name is the subject of the sentence, and "Infestation" is a singular noun. Therefore, the text log should say, "The Twitherym Infestation seems tough," rather than "seem tough." "The Twitherym Infestation readies Tempestuous Upheaval," not "ready Tempestuous Upheaval."

    Additionally, I don't know if this happens with all Twitherym, but if it does, they all should have 's added to their names when possessive. Currently, the log displays, "The Twitherym Infestation' Dia effect wears off."

    A less important side issue: currently, Artisan Moogles say something to the extent of, "We don't care how far into debt we go into this time!" The second "into" should be deleted, because it corresponds to the same prepositional object ("debt") as the first "into."

    Edit: The original post said "Porter Moogle." It's actually the "Artisan Moogle."
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    Thanks for letting us know about how that pesky infestation was getting too big for its britches! They now understand that if they are to keep pioneers from colonizing the continent, they better do so in a grammatically correct way, and will get in line once the next version update goes live. The other twitherym, I assure you, play by the rules of English grammar when they assault adventurers.

    As for the Artisan Moogles, they too are now a little more eloquent about how willing they are to go into debt.