I have been a long time xi player, but with all the changes I thought I would start new and see what it's all about again from a new player prospective. I took a break from my main three years ago and I have only started playing again at the start of last month, I have recently reached level 91 and I'm looking into venturing into abyssea.

I started playing in march, since that time I have not really made any friends. I did manage to talk a good friend of mine into coming back to the game so the both of us are looking for a really nice and laid back abyssea linkshell.

I live in the EU time zone so if any shells would be willing to take on two abyssea noobs, who actually listen and read up things before hand then please get in touch with me.

My name is Jaffa (after the Jaffa cake of course!) and would really enjoy making new friends! From what I experienced the first time around I made some lifelong friends.