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Thread: DRK suggestions

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    DRK suggestions

    Hi, I hope SE will read and respond

    Please consider the following suggestions for Dark Knight:

    -Consider giving DRK a Job Trait which acts as "Fast Cast + Magic Attack Bonus/Potency", this ability will activate after performing a Weapon Skill and be active for 10 seconds. Swap it with Tactical Parry if you wish. This will enable Dark Knights to use more spells in combat, also elemental spells for Magic Bursts. Perhaps consider it as a low level ability so that people using DRK as a sub job will benefit from it.
    Level 15: Fast Cast/M.Atk.B +10%
    Level 30: Fast Cast/M.Atk.B +20%
    Level 45: Fast Cast/M.Atk.B +30%
    Level 60: Fast Cast/M.Atk.B +40%
    Level 75: Fast Cast/M.Atk.B +50%
    Level 90: Fast Cast/M.Atk.B +60% (for 10 seconds after performing a WS)

    -Consider EnDrain as a new spell for DRK. The choice between EnDark and EnDrain would yield DRK the tactical option of having two different "stances", defensive(EnDrain) or offensive(enDark).
    Level 97: Spell EnDrain.

    -Consider changing the Aftermath: Haste on Catastrophe from "Equipment Haste" to a new catagory "Weapon Skill Haste". This will allow more flexability when combining with other forms of haste. 80% cap still apply.

    -Consider altering the "Scarlet Delirium" Job Ability to accumulate damage over time, before going offensive mode. Instead of changing stance after just one-blow.
    Edit: Absorbs upto 100% of MaxHP, and also Absorbs Severely Damaging Attacks. When MaxHP has been absorbed over time or reached with Severely Damaging Attacks the mode changes to enhanced attack and magic attack.
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