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You're not paying for the job right now you're paying for novelty of being one of the first people to play the job. In a few days (or at the worst weeks) the price of petrified logs will stabilize because 3k people won't all be trying to unlock the job all at once. Once demand goes down price will go down. These things aren't really terribly difficult to farm either they drop off of level 50+ Treants, assuming you've never done VW. Anytime you see new content come out everything associated will spike in price. Remember Teal, Aurore and Perle sets?
It's kinda like with consumer electronics. Early adopters always pay a lot more. Plasma screen TVs were novel when they came out in 1998. They cost $10,000. Now the same TV can run you less than $1000.

You have a choice, either deal with the costs associated with being an early adopter or have patience. At least it's not like when Arise and Meteor were released as drops from high level Voidwatch fights that not a lot of people were doing. The drop you need for this is purchasable and common.