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    The content of this version update, which includes new expert jobs and new areas, may not be played until Wednesday, March 27 (PDT) or Thursday, March 28 (GMT) even if the necessary software and expansion content has been installed earlier.
    • Seekers of Adoulin brings with it several new items displayed in the main menu as outlined below.

      • Missions
        Seekers of Adoulin
      • Quests
      • Region Info.
      • Status

      Name:  Event01.jpg
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      * Monstrosity will be selectable once the content is introduced into the game.
    • The following areas have been introduced with Seekers of Adoulin:
      Western Adoulin / Eastern Adoulin / Rala Waterways / Rala Waterways [U] / Yahse Hunting Grounds / Ceizak Battlegrounds / Foret de Hennetiel / Morimar Basalt Fields / Sih Gates / Moh Gates / Cirdas Caverns / Cirdas Caverns [U]
    • The Grand Duchy of Jeuno is now recruiting adventurers for the colonization movement on the continent of Ulbuka.
      Name:  Event02.jpg
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      Additionally, several coalitions support these pioneering activities. Read on for details.
    • Many additional stories and quests are available in areas accompanying Seekers of Adoulin.
      Name:  Event03.jpg
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Size:  20.7 KBName:  Event04.jpg
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    • Defeating monsters in Seekers of Adoulin areas will occasionally cause a strange mirage known as a "Soul Pyre" to appear.
      If the player touches a Soul Pyre from the proper distance and direction, he will receive items and/or bayld.
    • Gathering activities in the Seekers of Adoulin expansion areas are governed by a new rule.
      Continuing to gather resources in the same area will build a character's fatigue, much like fishing, but will also gradually increase the likelihood of gathering better materials.
      * Moving to a new area will reset both effects.
      * Fatigue recovers over time.

      Certain pieces of equipment and key items that aid in gathering activities throughout Eastern Ulbuka have also been introduced.
    • New battle content known as "Reives" have been added.
      Name:  Event05.jpg
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Size:  30.9 KBName:  Event06.jpg
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Size:  38.0 KBName:  Event07.jpg
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Size:  32.9 KBName:  Event08.jpg
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    • New battle content in an alternate world known as "Skirmish" has been introduced. Read on for details.
      Name:  Event09.jpg
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    • The following adjustments have been made to the Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Survey Assault content.
      • Levels of monsters appearing in this content have been adjusted.
        Floor NumberLevel
        1-19Decreased by ten levels
        20-39Decreased by seven levels
        40-59Decreased by four levels
        60-79Decreased by two levels
        80-100No change
        * These changes also apply to notorious monsters.
      • Stats of some notorious monsters that only appear in the Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Survey Assault content have been adjusted.
        By selecting damage types that monsters are weak to, such as blunt attacks, piercing attacks, or magic attacks, players are able to deal more damage than before.
    • The following adjustments have been made to Legion.
      • Characteristics have been given to monsters appearing within the maquette.
        Reductions in HP, attack, defense values, and other statistics as well as methods of attacking monsters' weaknesses comprise the majority of these changes, but some monsters have experienced decreases in some areas and increases in others.
    • The following adjustment has been made to Einherjar.
      • The HP, attack, defense, and other characteristics of "Odin" as appearing in Odin's Chamber II have been decreased.
    • The following adjustment has been made to Voidwatch.
      • Void Clusters are now able to be used in the Provenance jurisdiction.
    • The following adjustments have been made to Walk of Echoes.
      • The levels of monsters have been decreased.
      • The following items have been added.
        Frayed Sack (D) / Frayed Sack (L)
    • The following adjustments have been made to Salvage.
      • Drops rates for the following items have increased:
        Deimos's Mask / Deimos's Cuirass / Deimos's Gauntlets / Deimos's Cuisses / Deimos's Leggings / Freya's Mask / Freya's Jerkin / Freya's Gloves / Freya's Trousers / Freya's Ledelsens / Hikazu Kabuto / Hikazu Hara-Ate / Hikazu Gote / Hikazu Hakama / Hikazu Sune-Ate / Enlil's Tiara / Enlil's Gambison / Enlil's Kolluks / Enlil's Brayettes / Enlil's Crackows / Macha's Crown / Macha's Coat / Macha's Cuffs / Macha's Slops / Macha's Pigach
      • In Bhaflau Remnants, all enemies except notorious monsters summoned by the ability Reinforcements now drop the following equipment:
        OneEnlil's Brayettes
        Macha's Cuffs
        TwoFreya's Mask
        Hikazu Sune-Ate
        ThreeDeimos's Gauntlets
        Freya's Mask
        FourEnlil's Brayettes
        Freya's Jerkin
    • The following adjustments have been made to Limbus:
      • Items necessary to enter Limbus will be collected upon entry.
      • Items necessary for entering Limbus are no longer exclusive.
        Accordingly, any of the appropriate items in one's possession that have already been used at the time of implementation may be used again.

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    • Two new jobs, geomancer and rune fencer, are now available.
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Size:  35.8 KBName:  Battle02.jpg
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      Specific quests must be completed in order to obtain each job.
      Read on for the details.
      * The level 70 to 71 limit break quests for geomancers and rune fencers is scheduled to be implemented in the next version update. In order to level geomancers and rune fencers past 70 before the applicable quests are implemented, players may instead complete a limit break quest for another job.
    • New monsters have been introduced to roam the areas appearing in Seekers of Adoulin.
      Name:  Battle03.jpg
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Size:  34.1 KBName:  Battle04.jpg
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Size:  33.0 KBName:  Battle05.jpg
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Size:  30.7 KBName:  Battle06.jpg
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    • The amount of enmity accumulation based upon how much damage players deal to a target and the amount of HP it can recover will be reduced when facing targets over level 50.
      Should the target be level 99 or higher, this type of enmity accumulation will be reduced by approximately thirty percent.
      In addition, testing to reduce the amount of enmity accumulated from using the white magic spell Cure V is ongoing.
      * The static type of enmity accumulation—not based on damage dealt and HP recovered—will remain the same.
      * Additional adjustments regarding enmity are also scheduled to be implemented.
    • The attack-to-defense ratio has undergone adjustment.
      When a player's level is vastly lower than the level of the monster attacking him, there will now be times when he will take much more damage than before.

      In the event that:
      Attacker's DMG: 100
      Attacker's attack power: 1000
      Defender's DEF: 250

      Amount of damage taken pre-adjustment: 200
      Amount of damage taken post-adjustment: 400
      * Simplified conditions have been used for the sake of explanation.
    • The maximum amount of damage dealt based upon the attack-to-defense ratio is now the same for both one-handed and two-handed weapons.
      Therefore, there will now be occasions where the amount of damage dealt with one-handed weapons will be greater than before.
    • Level differential corrections have been adjusted.
      Level differential corrections will now be made when an enemy is two levels higher than the player, and will mirror those previously made when an enemy was one level higher than a player.
      * This adjustment does not apply to enemies that have yet to be introduced.
    • The amount which the Monk ability Counterstance lowers one's defense has been reduced.
    • The white magic spell Embrava has undergone the following adjustments.
      5 minutes90 seconds
      Increases by 1% for every 15 points of one's enhancing magic skillIncreases by 1% for every 20 points of one's enhancing magic skill
    • The avatar Alexander's ability Perfect Defense has undergone the following adjustment.
      90 seconds30 seconds + 1 additional second for every 20 points of one's summoning skill
    • Puppetmasters can now use the weapon skill Asuran Fists.
    • Names for the following monsters in Zhaylom Remnants I, Arrapago Remnants II, Bhaflau Remnants II, and Silver Sea Remnants II have been adjusted.
      Enraged Hydra → Enraged Alfafd
      Khimaira Prideleader → Khrysokhimaira Elder
      Cerberus Seether → Orthrus Seether
      Bloodthirsty Dvdrgr → Bloodthirsty Dweorg

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    • New items have been introduced.
      Equipment received by exchanging bayld or obtained through otherworldly skirmishes may be augmented via the process of arcane glyptics.
      * Equipment may be augmented in this manner by trading items such as Ghastly Stones or Coalition Grease to certain Inventors' Coalition NPCs along with an appropriate amount of bayld.
      Name:  Item01.jpg
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    • New synthesis recipes have been introduced.
    • New synergy recipes have been added.
      <Rank: Craftsman>
      Item NameRequired CraftMaterials
      Chapuli ArrowWoodworkingArrowwood Lumber, Chapuli Fletchings, Chapuli Arrowheads
      Midrium BoltWoodworkingArrowwood Lumber, Midrium Bolt Heads
      <Rank: Artisan>
      Item NameRequired CraftMaterials
      Damascus BoltWoodworkingUrunday Lumber, Damascus Bolt Heads
      Midrium BulletAlchemyFiresand, Midrium Ingot
      Mantid ArrowWoodworkingUrunday Lumber, Chapuli Fletchings, Mantid Arrowheads
      Damascus BulletAlchemyDamascus Ingot, Firesand
    • The following items are no longer exclusive.
      Coin of Birth / Coin of Advancement / Coin of Glory / Coin of Decay / Coin of Ruin / Frayed Pouch (B) / Frayed Pouch (A) / Frayed Pouch (G) / Frayed Pouch (D) / Frayed Pouch (R) / Ivory Chip / Scarlet Chip / Emerald Chip / Orchid Chip / Cerulean Chip / Silver Chip / Smoky Chip / Magenta Chip / Charcoal Chip / Smalt Chip / Metal Chip / Niveous Chip / Crepuscular Chip
    • Additional items are now storable through the Porter Moogle NPC.
      • Moogle Storage Slip 03
        Twilight Knife / Twilight Scythe / Twilight Helm / Twilight Mail / Twilight Cloak / Twilight Torque / Twilight Belt / Twilight Cape
      • Moogle Storage Slip 11
        Adamantoise Statue / Behemoth Statue / Fafnir Statue / Shadow Lord Statue / Odin Statue / Alexander Statue/Ark Tachi / Ark Tabar / Ark Scythe / Ark Saber / Ark Sword / Chocobo Shirt
    • Attributes for the Twilight Scythe have been adjusted.
      Its normal attack attribute has been adjusted, and any Twilight Scythes obtained after the implementation of this version update will be enchanted.
      Name:  Item02EN.jpg
Views: 63
Size:  32.7 KB
      * Twilight Scythes obtained before this version update can be enchanted by storing them with Moogle Storage Slip 03.
      * Twilight Scythes' normal attacks will now be considered physical damage regardless of whether they were stored with a Porter Moogle or not.

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    • Additional Applicable Areas for "Yell"
      "Yell" may now be used in the following areas:
      Ru'Lude Gardens / Upper Jeuno / Lower Jeuno / Port Jeuno / Aht Urhgan Whitegate / Western Adoulin / Eastern Adoulin
    • Rewards for completing the mog tablet quest have been modified.
    • New text commands "/colonizationmap" and "/colmap" have been introduced.
    • The cutscene that displays at the beginning of Besieged battles has been temporarily deactivated to alleviate Playstation 2 version freezing issues.
      Characters will also not be automatically placed at the start of battle.
      * This cutscene will not appear for any clients.
      * The cutscene is scheduled to be restored in the near future when other solutions can be implemented.
    • Spells such as Embrava and Kaustra that may only be cast when the job associated with them is set as one's main job will no longer display in the magic list under the command menu when the appropriate job is set to one's support job.
    • Auto-translate Function Adjustments
      • The auto-translate function now recognizes the following terms:
        Text Commands/colonizationmap
        Text Commands/yell
        JobsRune Fencer
        Place Names 2Western Adoulin
        Place Names 2Eastern Adoulin
        Place Names 2Rala Waterways
        Place Names 2Yahse Hunting Grounds
        Place Names 2Ceizak Battlegrounds
        Place Names 2Foret de Hennetiel
        Place Names 2Morimar Basalt Fields
        Place Names 2Sih Gates
        Place Names 2Moh Gates
        Place Names 2Cirdas Caverns
        Game Terms 2Coalition
        Game Terms 2Colonization Reive
        Game Terms 2Waypoint
        Game Terms 2Skirmish
        Game Terms 2Ionis
        Game Terms 2Lair Reive
        Game Terms 2Wildskeeper Reive
        Game Terms 2Naakual
        Game Terms 2Bayld
        Game Terms 2Simulacrum Segment
        ExpansionsVisions of Abyssea
        ExpansionsScars of Abyssea
        ExpansionsHeroes of Abyssea
        ExpansionsSeekers of Adoulin
      • The following terms are no longer recognized by the auto-translate function:
        ControllerR3 button
        Controller△ button
        Controller○ button
        ControllerL1 button
        ControllerL2 button
        ControllerL3 button
        Controller□ button
        ControllerR2 button
        Controller× button
        ControllerSTART button
        ControllerSELECT Button
        ControllerDirectional button
        ControllerR1 button
        ControllerDirectional pad
        ControllerExpansion port
        ControllerXbox Guide button
        KeyboardNumeric keypad
        KeyboardArrow keys
        KeyboardEnter key
        KeyboardEnd key
        KeyboardNumLock key
        KeyboardFunction keys
        KeyboardBackspace key
        KeyboardHankaku/Zenkaku key
        KeyboardAlt key
        KeyboardInsert key
        KeyboardPageDown key
        KeyboardHome key
        KeyboardPageUp key
        KeyboardCapsLock key
        KeyboardShift key
        KeyboardEsc key
        KeyboardCtrl key
        KeyboardDelete key
        TitlesStar Sibyl
        TitlesHigh Guard
        GroupsAllied Forces of Altana
        GroupsRoyal Army of San d'Oria
        GroupsRepublican Army of Bastok
        GroupsFederal Forces of Windurst
        GroupsOrcish Hosts
        GroupsQuadav Shieldwarriors
        GroupsYagudo Theomilitary
        GroupsDark Kindred
        OrganizeLet's try to keep the levels of our party members close.
        Place Names 2Windurst Residential Area
        Place Names 2Bastok Residential Area
        Place Names 2Jeuno Residential Area
        Place Names 2San d'Oria Residential Area
        Place Names 2Commissions Agency
        Place Names 2Walahra Temple
        Online StatusOnline
        Online StatusInvisible (Online Status)
        ShopsAuction House
        ShopsJewelry Store
        ShopsGoods Store
        ShopsArmor Shop
        ShopsSea Travel Agency
        ShopsAir Travel Agency
        ShopsHat Shop
        ShopsTackle Shop
        ShopsLinkshell Vendor
        ShopsMusic Shop
        Game Terms 2Smokescreen
        Game Terms 2Pit Spider
        Game Terms 2Aegis Scream
        Game Terms 2Granite Rose
        Game Terms 2Hawk Eye
        Game Terms 2Slaughterhouse
        Game Terms 2Brave Dawn
        Game Terms 2Stock and Awe
        Game Terms 2Materiel Storm
        Game Terms 2Vanguard-X
        Game Terms 2Crimson Domino
        Game Terms 2Crystal Fist
        Game Terms 2Iron Anvil
        Game Terms 2Streetsweeper
        Game Terms 2Delta Strike
        Game Terms 2Deep Cover
        Game Terms 2Search and Seizure
        Game Terms 2Bridge Too Far
        Game Terms 2Steel Resolve
        Game Terms 2Splitting Heirs
        Game Terms 2Cracking Shells
        Game Terms 2Plucking Wings
        Game Terms 2By Light of Fire
        Game Terms 2Prying Eyes
        Game Terms 2Cut and Cauterize
        Game Terms 2Maze
        Game Terms 2Magna Cache
        Game Terms 2Mog House Invitation
        Game Terms 2Adder Union
        Game Terms 2Bison Union
        Game Terms 2Coyote Union
        Game Terms 2Dhole Union
        Game Terms 2Eland Union
    (PlayStation 2 Version)
    • Memory allocation adjustments have been made to combat freezing issues.

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    Resolved Issues

    • The following issues have been rectified:
      • The issue during the quest Beyond Infinity wherein continuing to trade items to the Nomad Moogle while having a full inventory resulted in the inability to receive an Olde Rarab Tail and having one's traded items confiscated.
      • The issue during the quest Apocalypse Nigh wherein selecting to view the cutscene would result in skipping the cutscene if the quest had been previously completed.
      • The issue wherein receiving the effects of Warp II, Teleport, or Retrace during a cutscene in a town would occasionally result in skipping the cutscene.
      • The issue during the Meeble Burrows Instructor 2 expedition in Batallia Downs wherein the Burrows Depthmarker's HP could be recovered by casting Curing Waltz on it.
      • The issue with Meeble Burrows expeditions in Batallia Downs wherein enemies would not drop crystals even when players were under the effect of Signet.
      • The issues during Campaign Battles wherein using the ability Quick Draw would occasionally raise the corsair's marksmanship skill.
      • The issue wherein the Dynamis – Valkurm enemy Nightmare Flytrap would not expend TP when using the special attack Gloeosuccus.
      • The issue wherein using the black magic spell Kaustra did not properly count towards completing "dark-based status ailment" objectives in Trial of the Magians.
      • The issue wherein canceling the battlefield entrance cutscene after getting disconnected while entering a Provenance jurisdiction battlefield in Voidwatch occasionally rendered players unable to automatically leave the battlefield and unable to receive spoils.
      • The issue wherein the "Set" attribute for the item Nefer Khat +1 would not properly activate.
      • The issue wherein the item Vihuela was not deliverable to characters belonging to a different account from the sender.
      • The issue wherein the enchantment for the item Airmid's Gorget could be used with unintentionally high frequency.
      • The issue wherein various mission logs and quest logs contained errors.
      • The issue wherein the title Sprightly★Star could not be changed to Sagacious★Star.
      • The issue wherein inviting someone to one's Mog House would cause invited players to hear whatever background music the inviting player had selected via his Orchestrion.
      • The issue wherein the cursor would occasionally display in the incorrect location under special circumstances after changing Mog House background music.
      • The issue wherein special effects for specific magic spells cast by the Abyssea – Grauberg enemies Fleshflayer Killakriq, Bomblix Flamefinger, and Burstrox Powderpate would not display properly under certain conditions.
      • The issue wherein special effects for the weapon skill True Strike would not display in the proper position when used by Mithras.
      • The issue wherein equipping and removing the following items would result in loading times:
        Egoist's Tathlum / Angha Gem
      • The issue wherein speaking to a Nomad Moogle and changing one's job would cause a special effect to appear around the nearby Porter Moogle:
        Tavnazian Safehold / Nashmau / Rabao / Selbina / Mhaura / Kazham / Norg

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    Known Issues

    • Following items cannot be delivered to the characters under the same account.
      Frayed Pouch (B) / Frayed Pouch (A) / Frayed Pouch (G) / Frayed Pouch (D) /
      Frayed Pouch (R) / Frayed Sack (D) / Frayed Sack (L)