i have an idea that may allow PLD's to have a use a again.

Focus Points:

Works much like thf th, PLD exclusive and based on duration of "tanking" the longer you hold the mob the higher the focus points get.

as the focus points increase, you get a aura, centered around the pld giving higher max hp/mp/att/def, but the main thing being, at different levels of focus, say, 10, 20 and at the cap of 30, once you reach these increments it allows thf's to break the TH limit. to the cap of TH 15.

once a pld looses hate the focus points drop, and any TH above 12 incurred during focus will also drop. the rate of focus drop will be alot faster then the increase,

this will hopefully allow more team play back into the battle field and offer something for all members of the group then just mindlessly hitting the WS macro

so what do you guys think?