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    Considering the length of posts seen in this thread, I could believe the authors are able to fill up all the macro books.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfe View Post
    Okay, so if you play BLM the way you are claiming to, you really should have about one book filled up just for the job.

    For BLM on my first set, I have a few buffs and debuffs with tier 5 spells.
    I have tier 3 and tier 4 spells on one set.
    'ga 3 and ancient magic on another.
    DoT and AM 2.
    Helix and ja.
    And storm spells macro'd in with Klimaform.
    And all of these have every spell lined up based on the reading that I get for what element it is. I love using storm spells with helix and ja chasers. And every now and then, I like to try to magic burst. I suck at it, but it gives me a little bit of fun to try my timing with AM 2.

    Those are the 6 sets that I have for my everyday use on BLM. I still have one set for equip macros, trade macros (for faster popping), a key macro for Aby, item macros (for different items and zones), and a few other commonly used macros.

    That's 7 on my BLM and I still need to go through and reorganize it. Leaving me 3 more sets to play with (I had them set for different things, but gave up on it). I don't want to be forced to always have to choose what to delete if I want to play around with a new set of macros for a job.

    Back when there was only the one set of macros to choose from, I pretty much assumed I would never level anything else, or I'd have to make a whole new character if I wanted different macros. BUT, it also used to be a LOT harder to level up a job to 75. It was harder to store your gear, and there was pretty much only one way to gear a job when it came to endgame (I have WHM in mind since it was my first job to 75). But a lot changed with the addition of macro books and even more changed when they raised the level cap and introduced Abyssea.

    When you play SMN, you are not going to fill up a separate list of macros for every weapon you have. Don't be stupid. You macro that in before using the Blood Pact. So, unless you are deliberately trying to be ignorant, shut up and make a valid point. I have a macro set for each pet and a universal one that will summon a pet and shortcut me to the appropriate macro set for that pet. With elementals sharing the same set as each respective avatar.

    Why is it so hard for people to understand having one macro book for each job?

    "That's not how I play the game, so you are playing it wrong!" <engagerageattackmode>


    Better organized? I think it's because I am trying to organize this too much already. THAT'S why I wanted 2 more books! Then I can dedicate those to the two new jobs. My problem is that I want to have it completely organized! You just said exactly what I've BEEN saying! The only thing you helped to "solidify" is what I keep saying and no one seems to understand.

    Do you seriously not understand Summoner? Every pet has their own list of Rage and Ward Blood Pacts. If you want to use them quickly per pet, you have a macro list set up for them. Just because you don't like a certain summon, doesn't mean no one else should have a list of macros for that summon. Can you use the Nightmare BP macro when you have Carbuncle out? Does the Predator Claws macro work with Leviathan? I like to have a macro set for every pet, if you don't, fine. Play the way you want. This is how I play as well as many other Summoner that I have talked to. I know some people out there who haven't even unlocked the job because it doesn't interest them. That's how they choose to play. I want to be able to do everything in this game and that includes having every job leveled and playing each one differently with a full book of macros.

    If you are going to just reply "TLR you're an idiot," then you have no place commenting. I'm taking the time to explain myself, why don't you put forth a little effort and make your own reply worth reading?
    gotta love what happens when you assUme things....

    Not sure you realize how much you seem to be hurting your cause. In case you missed the subtle references....yeah, I do know something about SMN. Go back and reread the posts to see if you catch the references now.

    The fact that you are burning up 10 books for your avatars is a good illustration of what is wrong---overkill on the automation. Helpful hint: you have 6 lines in a macro. If you still don't get it, you have 6 Merit BP's for 6 avatars. Still not ringing a bell? Look at how the BP's are mapped out for those same 6 avatars. If you still don't see it.....all the BP's can be grouped together in macros according to where they fall in their progression through the levels. Just like your offensive magic is tiered, so are your physicals. Condensing just these offensive BP's alone will net you a bonus of at LEAST 4 free banks, depending on how you manage your light/dark avatars, buff/debuff/healing BP's, and how aggressive/passive you are with your weapon/bp's (ie: chaining with avatars and what not). And before you go crying foul on that concept because you need to be able to identify each BP...if you truly are more versed in SMN than I am, then you too should instinctively know which one contains Claw, Axe Kick, etc. and which one has Double Slap, Double Punch, etc. Or maybe that's just because I've been playing the job so long, it comes naturally now?

    The bulk of what I do on SMN takes place in 5 banks---and that includes some crazy melee macros for self-chaining as well as individual buff/healing macros specific to each avatar. I have one extra bank for pure WHM mode, so in total, I use 6 macro banks for SMN---and I use 9 magian staves and a handful of other pieces for augmenting avatars in different situations.

    As for BLM, that's mainly 3 banks with one for WHM support (and yes, this includes macros for farting around with melee as well.)

    WHM, pretty much the same as BLM----3+1 for melee.

    All of that is built off of what existed back in the 75 cap days....when I had to fit all 3 of my main jobs in ONE book's worth of macros (add them up, 6+3+3=12, eleminating duplications, it could be done in 10 banks).

    As mentioned earlier, I loaded a different save profile based on whether I expected to be on mage or melee jobs for the night. Granted, most my subs at the time were pre 60 (only MNK, SAM, DRG were leveled up), but I used 13 other jobs before level crap broke 75---and only used THREE BOOKS worth of macros to support all SIXTEEN JOBS. I had BRD in the mix so I had a Battle BRD set up as well, so there was one oddball set for experimenting.

    Of course, we've got more goodies to play with now at 99, but it hasn't gotten THAT complicated. For instance, my WAR takes up only 6 banks. That is only 6 banks and covers every weapon I use on WAR. MNK is 3, plus one for some farting around with staff/club. SAM, 3 primary (have some self chain macro's just for the helluvit), and a couple secondary (sword/dagger). You can easily combine jobs that have crossovers. Look at SAM and DRG---I mean, really...10 banks for EACH those jobs? How about DNC and THF? Can you not find a way to somehow combine two jobs into one book somewhere? All you would need to do is reduce 4 jobs into 2 books, and then you have two full books for the new jobs. And who is to say that they may not be combinable into books with other jobs?

    In summation, there was a time when 3 mage jobs could easily be maintained in one book (well, 4 actually...I never leveld RDM past subjob use), and as many as probably 10 melee's could be covered under just 20 banks of macros (some jobs like BLU, NIN, DRK, etc have some extra stuff that could prevent doubling up as readily as other jobs). Why is it now taking 5x (up to 10x) the number of macros, when (for the most part) the same principles for condensing macro usage can be applied?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarchery View Post
    Hint: You can put more than one job on one macro book. I have a macro book labelled "Other" that contains macros for 10 different jobs.
    Ok, those jobs must be poorly geared and not used at all.

    What do you think the guy returning to play has to say, after he played five years straight, got maats cap the hard way? I'm sure he has plenty of gear and macros. But we don't want old returning players, right? I mean, we are good with the current population, yes?

    This is not a question of wants, clearly there are enough players that NEED more macros books and inventory. Kudos to those who do not.

    The money train is from dedicated players, over the course of years, if SE ignores this type of player they will quit like they have in the past. Those players are the ones with the inventory/macros issues, only a lazy fool would not add a few more books.

    After all, the six line macros BS, is BS enough already the PC users have a major advantage. I'm not looking for an excuse from SE, I want results. Players that allow SE to be lazy, are just as guilty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kincard
    The reason I keep coming back to XI as opposed to other MMOs is because of the content's lastability. While it is true that many pieces are outdated with each patch, to this day there are many old pieces of gear that are still near top-tier if not the top-tier. It encourages you to explore the whole breadth of content rather than asking you to bumrush and bypass all the old content just so you can grind the newer content. This is a model used by other MMOs such as WoW, and while I don't have anything against people that enjoy this model, if I wanted to play an MMO with that model there are many, many games vast superior to XI in terms of mechanics and especially customer service that offer such a model.

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