As (hopefully) all of you know, the seeker's of Adoulin Release is upon us, as is the 10th anniversary of FFXI~! There's alot of new content coming our way and we've all been putting in alot of game time; getting levels and gear, cash and resources. We know just how how much you've done to get this far, and we think you deserve a special celebration for all your hard work! That's why, in honor of this game, which we all have developed a love/hate relationship for, ()we at ShamRock give you:

The 1st Annual St. August Festival!

During the St. August's festival, the member's of ShamRock will be hosting several fun events, guaranteed to warm the holiday up for all of us. Be sure to check out all of them, so you don't miss out on any of the fun!

♣ Prepare for the Adoulin Release!

During the week of 3/10-3/16 ShamRock's team will be hosting expeditions across Vanadiel to help get everyone their waypoints!
Every night at 7:00 p.m. Central Time US, we will start shouting for everyone who wants some assist getting their waypoints. at 8:00 we'll head out and make our way to the waypoints we've set for that night! Join us all week, and get 16k free exp! Another bonus, FREE COOKIES!!!

~These are all of the basic waypoints you'll need for the other quests. No reason not to have them. GET THEM! ^^
Konchstat Highlands
~Who else is tired of waiting for a tele to get to Gusgen? Luckily, this waypoint makes prying teles out of stingy whm fingers a thing of the past!
Uleguerand Range
~The most difficult of the waypoints to get in the second part of the quest, made easy by nexus capes. =3Let us help you get past that wall of ice at the base of the waterfalls!

West Ronfarue
West Sarutabaruta
Tahrongi Canyon

North Gustaberg
Passhow Marshlands
La Theine Plateau

Jugner Forest
Meriphataud Mountains
Attohwa Chasm

Castle Zvahl Keep
Quicksand Caves

Oldton Movalpolos
Castle Oztroja

Riverne-site BO1
~ Obviously, COP is required, as well as access to the area, to obtain this waypoint.
Boyhada Tree
Sea Serpent's Grotto
Temple of Ugglies

Sunday 17th - St. Patrick's Parade!

♣Don't Get Caught Without Your Green!
Several Leprechauns will be wandering Vanadiel, keeping an eye out for folks not wearing green, so they can give them a pinch!~ If you don't own some green, we'll supply some for you! ^^

Acceptable Green Armor that Will pass
Anything Green-themed in the Title i.e.- Green Bracelet
If it shows, Green is gold! - Head, Body, Hands, Legs, Feet, Weapons

♣Send a Pinch to a Friend!!!
Due to how much you guys enjoyed LoveBunny's Valentine Delivery service, we will be reliving that service on a diminished, but still super silly, scale!
Send a Pinch to a Friend! Packages:
Pick one
Troll Pinch For someone who needs some green!
Have a Drink on Me! Send a drink to a friend!

We'll deliver a little Irish love to any lad or lassie you desire!~

♣Catch a Leprechaun!

As stated above, several Leprechauns will be running around Vanadiel. If you see one, /em catch <t>, and correctly translate the Irish phrases in their bazaar, you'll get 3 free wishes! =3 With a FFXI twist~

♣St. Patrick's Day Parade!!!~
The parade was so much fun on Valentine's Day, we're going to recreate it, on a grander, greener scale!
Two Parades will be scheduled for the 17th, one at Noon, the other at 8 pm, Central US time. We will circle the Jeuno's, starting in Ru'lude Gardens, and Ending in Port Jeuno for a Riverdancing Flash Mob at the Mog House featuring ShamRock Shake and the Lecherous Leprechauns!!!
Join us for the fun, or just for the lols. =3 We look forward to pinching you!!!

Again, this is only for Leviathan Server, but other Server's are more than welcome to join us, or host your own! Just message me if you need ideas!

St. August's Week is a nod at the new Hero from Adoulin, King August. Since St. Patrick is a Catholic saint, and Adoulin is supposed to be a very religious area, we thought the nod would, if nothing else, be cute. ^^ Please no one take offense, its all meant in fun.

Much Love from Team ShamRock, and look for more posts during the week of 3/10- 3-17, 2013. We'll be posting up movies to look for or watch each day, and much more. =3 Come get in the mood for the release of Adoulin with us!

Disclaimer: This is a completely player based and funded event. Square Enix and it's affiliates cannot be held accountable for the ideas or actions of the event holders. We operate under a general rule of conduct- Have fun, and save the drama for Ballista.
Lastly, the religious over tones of the St. Patrick holiday does not necessarily represent beliefs or practices held by event holders or participators. Fun is meant for everyone!!!