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    Show players' enfeebles.

    With SoA coming out soon, this idea deserves serious consideration. They'll be lots of new mobs, and I'm sure many of them will have the ability to enfeeble through additional effects, weaponskills, or magic. I suggest a second box above (or below) the "Target" box, in the lower right corner of the screen, that has icons showing the current enfeebles players have on them (sleep, paralyze, bio etc..). This could even carry over to mobs as well, so we wouldn't have to go rummaging through the chat log to see if an enfeeble wore off.

    This idea shouldn't be hard to code, and would take very few resources away from other pursuits. This will be a major quality of life improvement for mages and melee alike, and I can honestly see no cons. Besides, off the top of my head, every Final Fantasy game I can remember gave you some indication of the status of your players.
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    I would love something like this. I just wish they'd improve the log message so that it shows what enfeebles a monster applies to a person right from the start. What's the point of me using barspells and divine caress if I have to remove effects from everyone anyway just to be sure? As it stands, any TP move that does both damage and a status effect just shows the damage proportion. Ice Spikes are another irritation in this regard.

    Put it as another chat filter and let us see "Mob uses Plague Swipe. Player takes 20 damage is afflicted with: Plague, Bio." instead of just the damage. Oh, and please show us in the log when status effects are absorbed by mobs. "Monster absorbs 1 effect(s)!" REALLY doesn't help me figure out if I need to reapply Protect or not.