One of the problems with Ranger as a DD is that they are unable to benefit from all of the various forms of haste that are available to other jobs. Haste doesn't reduce ranged attack delay. Haste gear doesn't work, nor does Haste Spell, March, Embrava and Samba (and I'm sure others that I'm forgetting). In its place we have snapshot, which has limited equipment and nothing else. It also suffers from the lack of a Ranged Attack stance which would optimize its effect the way that melee DD optimize their haste with auto attack.

I suggest you make Haste also add an equivalent amount of snapshot. While this would not give the same benefit as Haste to a melee because of the lack of auto attack, it would be at least a step in the right direction. More difficult to implement would be to add Snapshot to Samba as well as having the effect apply and proc with a ranged attack.