I used to play back when ToAU was released on the Remora server. Character name back then was Deathrose, if anyone would remember me. From what I know, all my past linkshells have died and I can't find any old friends. I decided to restart fresh, made a new character Soteria. I plan on pursuing RDM, WHM, and hopefully GEO when it comes out. But for now, I'm still a total beginner. Level 22 without a subjob. If there are any linkshells accepting new members, or anyone else who just wants to group up and start tackling content together, I'd be happy to join up and make acquaintances. I am looking into doing all the expansions, though my time is kinda constricted (Full-time student + part time job, so very little time off). Either shoot me a message, /tell when I'm online, or reply here if you're interested. I'm very anxious to meet some new people =D