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    Which version of Seekers do I buy?

    I originally had a JP POL and SE Account from game launch, but last year I got it converted to an American one, yet my POL ID still shows JP by it.

    The only way to pay the fee, with the regional payment restrictions, was to get it linked to an NA account. It was my understanding that EU users who bought NA versions of the game before the EU release with Aht Urhgan were given a one-time option to convert their accounts to EU ones so they could use local currency and expansion codes. I thought that was supposed to be the case with my account too, but the [JP] by it worries me. Which region do I buy the expansion from? This is the first one to come out since my conversion.

    Oh, and my account says a security token is still attached when I am on the main screen where it lists the expansions (it has the Secured logo), yet that token is linked to my old JP SE Account, not this NA one I had to create for the conversion.

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    I'm actually concerned about this too. I bought the Japanese version of the game while I was in Japan just so I could use the software and play on the JP client - I've since lost my American copy of the game, leaving me with only the JP client. If I wanted to play I would need the JP software and the American account key in order to unlock access to Seekers - effectively meaning I'd have to pay double to play the game! I wonder if there's some way around this...