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    Adjustment to RDM(Idea)

    First off i would like to start by saying that I have been playing RDM for a great deal of time. I am by no means the best, nor anywhere near the worst. Around two years ago I made a shift to other jobs in the game, but have always been enthralled by RDM. We all know that the game has changed a lot in the past couple of years (the nature of an MMO) and I would say as a whole the game is better than it used to be(I at least enjoy it more). To get on topic though, I would like to bring up an idea that I had for RDM awhile back. Back when the level cap was increased and mage jobs got access to Refresh and Convert, plus a lot more gear choices to better their healing abilities, RDM quickly fell behind as a potent job. I would like to point out that I have always felt WHM should be the #1 healer (at least in a group setting). In my mind, as a RDM i have always found it better to Enfeeble and Enhance my party so that I have to cure less often.

    Now i would like to bring up my opinion on what holds RDM back as a job(currently). RDM has always gotten Solo buffs. Yes they have Haste, Refresh, Protect, Shell, Regen and Phalanx II but all other buffs are self-target.

    I came across this idea back when they were changing SCH and RDM to make them somewhat more desirable jobs. I was trying to think of what made both jobs strong, and what made them different than other jobs. What I came up with was: SCH is very good with DOT, at that time they had Helix spells, lower level spells that could be boosted with Job Abilities to be on par with main jobs (WHM, BLM). RDM was very good at enfeebling and enhancing but like I mentioned above, most of RDM's enhancing was locked up in self-target spells.

    Now as we already know, SCH has been greatly changed with the addition of Regen 5, Embrava and the overall change to lower level cure spells. But what I propose is that we make a small change to how we see RDM. The idea i have in mind is to:
    Whether we make it a Job Ability or a Spell. It would work the same. We could name it something like "Soul Bind". When the spell/ability would be used, it would link the RDM and one other Party member (not alliance member). While the link was active the RDM would be able to either;
    1) Any spell that the RDM casted on themselves would also effect the "soulbound" character.
    2) The RDM would be able to cast self-target spells on the "soulbound" character.

    Some side notes: (things to take into consideration)
    I have always seen RDM as a job that can be in melee combat or at least for small amounts of time. I believe that the range on these spells should be short. This would add a bit more strategy to a RDM's buffing sequence and not allow the RDM to sit in the back lines casting Stoneskin over and over.
    I think this would bring RDM back into tanking parties mostly, as you would be able to Aquaveil, Temper, En-, Phalanx(one) the tank(without the need for /SCH). It would also give RDM a fighting chance at smaller events (2-3 people).
    With the 1st option in mind, I think it would be interesting to see if you could also allow Cure Potency + Cure Potency received to stack when a cure spell was cast on the RDM and the "soulbound" received curing. Of course my worry with this is that it would allow Cure 3 and 4s to become to powerful. My thought behind it is to allow the tank to worry about Tanking, and allow the RDM to worry about the gear he/she needs to equip.
    I would also put the spell/ability on a longer cool down timer. My thought behind this change is to allow one and only one other person to get the benefits.

    I am sure I am forgetting details I have thought about in the past year or so. But I have already created a Wall of text and I believe that my idea is well enough explained. Thank you for taking the time to read this, Melawen - Carbuncle.

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    Not bad at all, however also not quite new, a "buff cloning" job ability has been suggested many many many times, by many of us, myself included. Still is a good idea and support+1.