i have a concept of a new class of merits, Specialization merits if you will. these merits will allow a player to further specialize into one of two roles that that job can generally fill. it would only be possible to merit ONE of the two primary merits which in turn unlocks 5 additional sub Merits. please keep in mind that SOA is coming soon which will provide SE the opportunity to step into a higher tier of complexity and game play difficulty. these merits might seem overpowered but my ultimate hope is that the overall difficulty tier of the game is going to go up with SOA.


Primary Merit: Ronin (Max 1)

Ronin: Store TP +15, Physical Attack +20, Strength +15, Zanshin +10

Sub Merits: (MAX 10 total, 3 per item)
Hasso: Zanshin +2% activation while active Per merit, Store TP +3 while active Per merit
SkillChain Bonus: +2% Skillchain damage +10 Store TP on SC Closing WS
Meditate: Store TP +10 while active
Hamanoha: Merit 1:Effects Beasts, Merit 2, Plantoids, Merit 3, Vermin
*Hamanoha merit effects stack: 3/3 Hamonha works on Demons vermin plants and beasts.
yuki-meiyo-gi 勇氣 名誉 義 Recast 3 minutes: Removes the TP Cost for the next weaponskill. Save TP +25 per merit Weaponskill damage +1% Per merit
(Yuki-meiyo-gi is the english enunciation of the three precepts of bushido that i feel best represent the Ronin: Courage - Honor - righteousness, so it quite litterally means that)


Primary Merit: Koken'nin (Max 1)

Koken'nin: Parry Skill +25, Evasion Skill +25, Magic Damage taken - 5% Physical Damage taken -5%

Sub Merits: (MAX 10 total, 3 per item)
Seigan: Counter rater +5 per merit, Third Eye Potency +1 per merit ( +1 gaurenteed evade)
Third Eye: Evasion +10 per merit while active +10% Chance to evade magical Damage per merit
Zanshin: Allows zanshin to activate on successful physical attacks when seigan is active. Zanshin attacks occasionally stun the target. Stun rate +33 Per merit. zanshin activation rate +5 per merit
Meditate: Duration +3 seconds per merit(+60 TP), Recover 2% of maximum HP Per tic Per merit ( recovers 48% HP at 3/3 Merits, a maximum of 60% with Myochin kabuto and Saotome Kote)
makoto-jin-chūgi-rei 誠 仁 忠義 禮 - Recast 3 minutes: Duration 30-180 Seconds:
25% chance per merit for zanshin to activate upon taking physical damage, Zanshin Strikes restore 5% of their damage per merit as HP, your current target is forced to Attack only you as long as this effect is active, Duration is based off of the number of party members in close proximity of you (+30Seconds per member within 8 malms of you) Physical damage dealt to target -10% While active, -5% per merit max of -20%.

(makoto-jin-chūgi-rei is the english enunciation of the Four precepts of bushido that i feel best represent the Koken'nin (Guardian): Truth - Benevolence - Loyalty - Respect, so it quite litterally means that)