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    Divine Caress Chat Log Bug

    Whenever I would use Divine Caress, when the appropriate amount of ailments absorbed would be reached, I do not get the message that it wears off unless the target of the Job Ability was myself. I do however get the message if Divine Caress wears off on others when it wears off from the 3 minute duration as opposed to being used up. Since I get a message when Stoneskin wears off from absorbing enough HP whether it was from Afflatus Solace or Accession Stoneskin, this is obviously a bug. The below is but one of incredibly many instances of the bug.

    Platform: PC
    ISP: Verizon
    Type of Internet Connection: Fiber Optic
    Internet Connection Speed: 30 Mbps
    Date & Time: Friday, November 23, about 8:00-10:00pm PST
    Frequency: Always
    Character Name: Gobbo
    Race: Elvaan
    World: Sylph
    Main Job: White Mage
    Support Job: Scholar
    Area and Coordinates: Dynamis - Tavnazia, H-5/6
    Party or Solo: Alliance of 9
    NPC Name: N/A
    Monster Name: Diabolos Letum
    1. We spawn Diabolos Letum, I prepare Divine Caress in anticipation of Blindga.
    2. Diabolos Letum casts Blindga.
    3. I remove it with Blindna.
    4. The Monk now has Divine Caress.
    5. Diabolos Letum casts Blindga 3 more times.
    6. At this point, Divine Caress wears off and I do not receive a message saying it does however the Monk did.
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    Greetings Gobbo,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have made sure to submit your information to the development team, and they will make sure to thoroughly investigate this matter based on your report. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that a direct response will be posted on this thread, but I do recommend consulting or for any details about the development team's investigation. Thanks again for your report!

    GM Bublex