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    Angon could last as long as the merited recast and nothing would happen to the game balance except DRG would become more desirable even just as a support in conjunction with Star Diver.

    They could change Star Diver to Fragmentation and let DRG do Light all the time. It's easy for DRGs to do WS back to back. Either that or take both the Relic and Empy out of the garbage can.

    Let Wyverns Jump too so they have more TP to give to DRGs either directly with link or indirectly with better breath attacks. Also, extra damage wouldn't hurt. (Sweet, Hi-Speed, Spiral Dive/drive by please.)

    You could add Blazing Angon, just like the mamool ja have. I personally would love that and I'm sure it wouldn't be that difficult to copy/paste the effects.

    DRG is in the same bleh boat as RDM. They are both fun to play and cool on paper, but neither of them bring anything extra to a party that you couldn't replace with something that will do whatever it is that DRG is supposed to be doing, but better. (Unless you have a Mythic...which is a terrible requirement for a job to be good.)
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