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    Scaling up the effects of Enhancing Magic spells

    As there are more new content arriving and such, and battles being adjusted and over-balanced balancing of certain unique abilities, is there going to be possibilities of enhancing magic being adjusted to scale up towards 99 cap and not down?

    looking back when Aquaveil was adjusted ( Don't know when exactly), it became very useful to protect against spell interruption for a certain amount of hits then it would wear off. And this year when the amount of defense Protect gave was enhanced a good amount based of tier of spell.

    Those were very decent adjustments the Devs have done. But now what will become of other enhancing magic spells? Like Phalanx, Blink, Stoneskin?
    I think the bar-element spells are fine just as they are, but I doubt Bar-Status spells seem to do anything to help, especially Bar-amnesia even though there's no spell Amnes-na to even cure it. and please do not get any ideas for Bar-Charm, although I am still curious about the Idea of Charm-Na ( and Charm Screens?).

    Anyways, as we're moving on through more content, wouldn't it be great to see our current Enhancing Magic spells to be enhanced in potency? I want to mention that with brand new events that were implemented and monsters that constantly do massive damage to party/alliance members in one swing like Narakas and Harpeas, Ironclads, OR Severe Damage and Instant Death moves, or anything around those lines, I believe at least more of our current enhancing magic spells should be scaled up and adjusted just like protect and Aquaveil, and not nerfed, . The Spikes spells are fine just as they are though.

    If you guys want to, list some of the current enhancing magic spells you'd want the Devs team to see enhanced.

    for me personally, the spells I'd like to see scaled up (if even slightly) :

    Blink (maybe?)
    Stoneskin (Although there's gear that enhances Stoneskin, there's a big handful of monsters that can rip through it in one hit.)
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