Greetings everyone!

As was previously mentioned, with the addition of the new special abilities as well as the shortening on the cool down timers for the current special abilities, we are planning to adjust the effects of both Embrava and Perfect Defense. The adjustments will be reflected in this week’s Test Server update, but I’d like to share the information with you beforehand.
  • Embrava:
    • Effect duration: Currently 5 minutes → Adjusted to 90 seconds
    • Haste: Currently 1% increase for every 15 enhancing skill points → Adjusted to 1% increase for every 20 enhancing skill points. Maximum of 25% at 500 skill
    • Regain Effect: While the value will remain unchanged, the Regain effect will be changed to Refresh.
  • Perfect Defense:
    • Effect duration: Currently 90 seconds → Adjusted to 30 seconds. +1 sec for every 20 summoning skill points, maximum of 60 seconds with 600 skill (30 seconds +30 seconds)
    • Effect: No change

Along with the above adjustments, the content that featured these abilities heavily into their strategies will see adjustments as well.
  • Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Survey
    We'll be reducing the number of Astrariums necessary to exchange for equipment from 25 to 5.
    *As a result of this, the number of Astrariums players have in possession will be reduced by 1/5.

    The idea that you'll need some luck on your side to reach level 100 will not change. While we expect that the number of floors reachable and the frequency will decrease due to the adjustments to Embrava, we decided to balance this by reducing the number of Astrariums required for equipment.

  • Legion
    Monster HP will be reduced by around 10%

    This will be applied to all monsters, and adjusted so the overall pace will become faster making it possible to defeat close to the same amount of monsters as before within the 30 minutes time limit.

  • Einherjar
    Odin's Chamber II: Odin's HP will be reduced by around 10-15%.

    As this is different from Legion and only a single monster battle, we will be adjusting the HP on a slightly larger range.

Besides the above content, Perfect Defense and Embrava are utilized for Arch Dynamis Lord and Provenance Watcher; however, the battle times for these monsters are relatively short, so we would like to monitor the battle situation at their current difficulty.

All of these adjustments will be implemented during the Test Server update this week, but we will continue to look at balance and make adjustments as needed.