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    Cannons: The forgotten marksmanship weapon.

    I know the demand probably isn't super high for this, with relic gun being easier to make then it was at 75, nor is it the most pressing issue that needs to be delt with... But personally, I would love to see an updated version of the "Culverin" cannon for level 99, along with some new level 99 shells to fire with it. At level 75 I loved the feeling of power throwing out a slug shot with that 50-51 base damage gave. I musta had 50 stacks of shells on my mule saved up! Never got my hands on King Vinegaroon's 99 damage shell though... /cry! ...Anyway! Just wondering if the Devs have any plans to implement a new cannon weapon in the future, or are they letting this breed of overpowered firearm die? Do any other players feel the same way as me or am I forever alonez? T.T
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    If they don't increase the stack size from 12 to 99, and/or make them pouchable, then this weapon can stay dead as far as I and likely many others care. The main use for this is for THFs with 5/5 Last Stand that just fancy something different.