Hey Shiva people, good news. I am finally out of the military so I now have time for this game. I have been slllloooowwwwlly working on this Almace for about 8 months now. Now, that I actually have some time and a good friend that has a war with most weapon procs I can use on my other laptop I actually can do this.

Also, I am seeing many individuals with Thaumas gear. Obviously, I want all this and more. The only obligations I have are my wife and school now so I actually have time for some of these events.

My main is my 99 BLU, 2nd is my 99 SCH that I actually have been working on +2s for, and a 99 NIN, DRG, and SMN...none of those 3 are well geared or skilled.

Please assist me by letting me join a good Empy/event LS, and I will definitely work hard in helping out all the LS members that need assistance.