While that does have a tech sense limitation, it might still be possible.

Unlike auto-attack, and Auto-ranged attack would not be used as a primary/main source of damage. Their wouldn't be a ton of ppl trying to use that in combat to defeat mobs.

The main use of the auto-ranged attack would be an aid to help skill up ranged attack. (since 424 levels worth of skill ups, done by manually shooting one arrow at a time is mentally excruciating, not to mention a time sink thats at a high level even for this final fantasy.) Using an auto-ranged attack feature for skilling up would not have the problem of entering other command in the middle, or ws'ing, since their not really using that.

Honestly i feel an auto-ranged attack with a mear toggle on/off method, would be more then helpful to players. Despite any of the command problems the Dev's listed. I know id be willing to deal with those issues for this feature.