*These kupowers are still under development and are subject to change.
  • Certain existing super kupowers will be replaced by new ones.

    Kupowers to be Eliminated:
    • Mystery Boxes: San d'Oria
    • Mystery Boxes: Bastok
    • Mystery Boxes: Windurst
    • Mystery Boxes: Frontier Lands

    The list of super kupowers that may activate, including new ones, is as follows:

    Thrifty TransitOutpost teleport sites will operate free of charge!
    Martial MasterAs an added Signet effect, battle skills will increase more rapidly!
    Blood of the VampyrThe effect of Signet will be boosted with the abilities of Regeneration and Refresh!
    Treasure HoundSignet will grant you the Gilfinder and Treasure Hunter abilities!
    Artisan's AdvantageThe chances of losing ingredients due to failed synthesis will be significantly lowered!
    Swift ShoesAdventurers who are fully rested and healed will temporarily be able to run with great speed!
    Ease of ExplorationA teleport service connecting the towns of Mhaura and Selbina to the three nations will appear!
    Myriad Mystery BoxesTreasure Caskets will appear more frequently around the three nations!
    Dilatory DigestionFood effects will last twice as long!
    Boundary BusterThe amount of Conquest Points received from defeating enemies will be doubled!
    Bountiful BazaarAll regional merchants in each of the three nations will be open for business!

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