Asura World : GoodTimesEmpire LS is mainly a social linkshell that is always looking for fun players that enjoy a good conversation and is willing to participate in different events.

We participate in abbysea content, such as atma , mega bosses, seal and +2 item farming.

We enjoy helping others out with quest/missions/limit breaks.

We try to do Nyzul runs on Tuesday/Friday starting at 10:00 pm est when possible.

We are looking into doing assault missions after Nyzul and plan to do nyzul isle uncharted.

We hope to work on empyrean weapons, if enough people are interested on building them.

There are no requirements to attend any of the events, but as always is in your best interest to attend so you get to know others and work on improving your jobs.

If you are a new player, returning player or current player that enjoys socializing and helping out others, send me a tell for a pearl. There are no requirements to join the ls, come as is

Most of the linkshell members are logged on during eastern time (9:00 pm – 1:00 am est.), keep that in mind if you plan to join.