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    Let Producer Matsui Know How He Should Catch Up on 2 Years!

    Good morning everyone!

    I’d like to share a message from Producer Akihiko Matsui:

    Quote Originally Posted by Akihiko_Matsui View Post
    Hello everyone.

    Thanks for all of the "likes" and messages in response to the post I made the other day!

    As I wrote in the Message from the Producer, there is a ton to catch up on from the past two years and I've been doing my best each day to do just that. However, even if I do my best I don’t think this gap is something that I can completely fill by myself, so I would really appreciate everyone's help.

    Now then, I'd like you all to tell me what you would like me to focus on. Anything is fine.

    However, I would like you to keep in mind and agree to the following:
    • Do not attack or flame others, including myself.
    • Be specific and concrete. We won't be able to accomplish anything if posts are unclear or full of attacks.
    • Instead of saying what you "don’t want," tell me what you "want."
    • Tell me what it is that YOU prefer. Not what your friends or linkshell members say, I want to hear from you specifically.

    Please make your posts as a reply to this thread (I will also be taking into consideration the amount of "likes" each post receives). As a general rule, feedback should be posted in the appropriate thread, so once we collected enough post in this thread and after an appropriate amount of time, we'll close the thread. Also please limit replies to your opinions only and if you would like to discuss specific points, please utilize appropriate threads for each topic.

    I will be doing my best to look over each and every post made. (Though, I am sure it will take some time…) Your opinions will definitely play a part in helping me fill in the gap from these past two years as well as for thinking about the future of FINAL FANTASY XI.

    In addition to the work for currently scheduled version updates, there is also a lot of work to be done for the new expansion, "Seeker of Adoulin," so I don’t think there will be very many things we can do immediately and I’d like to apologize for that.

    Also, I don’t believe it will be possible to have every single thing come to fruition, due to the fact that there may be content that is contradictory or things that no matter how hard we try it is just not feasible.

    I will first be making sure that I accurately understand what you would like and then will determine if it is possible or not, and assign a priority level to it. I will be sharing this with you all and making it so together we can see the picture of how FINAL FANTASY XI will change going forward. I feel this is something the community needs and though it might not be quite so easy, it is a method I would like to adopt.

    Thank you very much!
    Devin "Camate" Casadey - Community Team

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    I want lots of better stuff for COR!

    More bullets!
    Cheaper Bullets!

    Give a neutral location for the Pouch/Quiver lady to show up in case two nations are tied for first!

    Also perhaps a better macro system so we can change gear depending on which ability we use!

    edit: Also, for COR, give us a better second 2hr! Maybe make the 3 Phantom Roll ability on a 20 minute timer. I want a two hour that will benefit myself, offensively at least! Or maybe if it has to be support, a 2hr that guarantees 11s on X number of rolls?

    I say we need to take an Airship to Adoulin, but it can be attacked, like Pirates can attack the ferry. I'd love to have an airship fight that isn't soley for a mission!

    edit: One more thing: FIX THE EMNITY SYSTEM, PLEASE! Why should a dinky little COR like me be able to pull hate from a fully decked out PLD?
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    Currently RDM is not useful for any event. As a job it provides nothing that can not be better provides by a White Mage, Black Mage or Scholar. Scholar specifically is superior to Red Mage in alliance support due to Embrava and Scholar's abilities and spells. The Red Mage community has asked for many different things to be done, and while obviously not all should be implemented something needs to be done for that job.

    Blue Magic reset timers or Proc spells need adjusting in Void Watch. Currently the Blue Magic selection is so large that it requires Blue Mages to constantly reset their spells. With the 60s lock out timer in place it makes Blue Magic a liability. The community has asked that either the lock out timer be reduced or the number of Blue Magic Procs in Voidwatch be reduced.

    I'm sure we'll think of something more to ask about.

    Have a good day ^^


    On Red Mage, I've looked over the forum and got a good idea on where people tend to agree. I'll break it into three sections each dealing with a different part of the job.

    #1 Party Support / Healing (White Magic Section)
    The Cure IV update enabled Red Mages to become healers but that is not enough to earn a position as a support character. Red Mages lack party wide support spells, namely buffs, to this effect Red Mage tends to be completely left out from groups. Red Mage should be allowed to cause party wide area of effect support spells similar to the other support jobs. Create Hastega and give it to Red Mage, White Mage and allow Scholar to Accession Haste spell. Allow Red Mage to give everyone in the party their current self-cast spells, sharing these powerful buffs would go a long way to establishing Red Mage as a viable support job. Currently Spontaneity is a useless ability due to it's 10 minute recast timer. Could the developers look into changing it to 5 minutes.

    #2 Magic Damage / Enfeeble (Black Magic Section)
    Red Mages magic damage is fine where it is at. What isn't fine is the extremely limited selection of useful enfeebles. To make this worse, everything Red Mage can do was also given to White Mage or Black Mage, this makes bringing one of those other jobs more preferable to Red Mage. I have frequently recommended making a line of spells for Red Mage that reduce a monsters stats directly such as Reduce-INT, Reduce-STR, Reduce-Attack and so forth.

    #3 Melee Damage (Warrior Section)
    Red Mages melee capabilities are in a very bad place. Though there has been some progress made, in general it's only useful in soloing weak monsters. Red Mages do not believe they should be as powerful as the dedicated physical damage jobs, they would like instead to be somewhat useful to 6 member party or smaller groups. To this effect could the developers allow Red Mages access to the (WAR/BLU/PLD/DRK) Sword weaponskills of Red Lotus Blade, Seraph Blade, Vorpal Blade, and most importantly Sanguine Blade. Could the developers also look to adding Red Mage onto more melee orientated gear, the upcoming Salvage Gear update might be a good time to do this. Something else that would be a good option would be a Spell Blade Job Ability that consumed the Red Mages current enspell effect and turned it into damage and / or enfeebling effect. This would be a charge based system similar to how Corsair use's Quick Draw.

    I apologize if this seems to be a big list. Much of this is a result of years of neglect from the developers, it piled up and up until it's become a mountain of requirements. The most important part is updating Red Mage such that it becomes a valuable party support job. The melee additions are of a lower priority though still needed.

    Thank you and the Community Reps for their time in both translating this and you reading this.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Raelix
    Ragnarok's aftermath is only 5% crit rate, even with lv99, so there's almost no point in using Scourge, you just spam Resolution. Even then you become just a boring meathead DD.

    Apoc with both Catastrophe and Entropy gives you crazy sustain of both HP and MP. With the Haste aftermath you can wear a ton of -PDT and solo almost any 75 content.
    Doing damage is for WAR's, DRK is about soloing 75 content yo.....

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    Please make your posts as a reply to this thread (I will also be taking into consideration the amount of "likes" each post receives). As a general rule, feedback should be posted in the appropriate thread, so once we collected enough post in this thread and after an appropriate amount of time, we'll close the thread.
    OK, so you want to know about what we want not what we don't want. That's fair. And you want posts here? Roger. Apologies for the repost, everyone.

    Most BLU are unsatisfied with our new two hour. May I suggest any of these.

    By Dinah of Phoenix:

    Duration: 00:01:00
    Description: Physical spells gain TP for the user. Magical spells drain HP depending on damage dealt. Breath attacks do quadruple damage and instantly cast.
    An extra note by Prothescar was to make breath spells under it's effects ignore a certain percentage of enemy resistance.

    Speaking of him, by Prothescar of Valefor:

    *I modified your suggestion posted on FFXIAH to something that seemed a little more balanced. If you're reading this and want me to change it back just let me know. I don't want to misrepresent you.*

    Duration: 00:00:30
    Description: Blue Magic ignores level correction penalties, set recast times to 0, and costs half MP.
    And lastly one suggested by myself:

    How about a 2 hour version of Unbridled Learning for BLU? Say maybe 3-5 spells available, all from endgame bosses. They'd have to be good so, first ones I can think of are Mighty Guard from Shinryu, Diffractive Break from Provenance Watcher, Beleaguerment from Shah. Maybe Laser Shower or Target Analysis from Omega/Arch-Omega, Citadel Buster from Ultima/Arch-Ultima, or Grace of Hera (+ a moderate HP cure) from Alicorn.
    Any of these, I think, most would be very pleased with. Please consider them.

    This is going to be a long thread.

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    The ability to save multiple "atma sets" in abyssea. Players use multiple jobs for multiple purposes. Its tedious to have to run through the entire list of atma to get what you need.

    The ability to save multiple "gear sets" that can be activated via a macro command. Having to use multiple individual macros in order to swap all the gear for a particular action, then an equal number of macros to change back into your original gear is ridiculous at this point.

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    Yo Matsui! Obtaining Alexandrite still sucks after 2 years! Make it more common from this new version of Salvage; we want to finish our Mythics with some sanity left!

    That's what I want.

    I also want about 30 new spells for Blue Mage from this new upcoming expansion. And also unlock the other hidden spells that are still hidden!

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    Better, cheaper, Ninja SHURIKENS!!!!! BANZAI! \m/ Oh and do away with Umbral Marrows!
    ゙(゚、 。 7
     l、゙ ~ヽ
     じしf_, )ノ
    United States Postal Service Postmaster

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    I think the adjustments to jobs and new content being developed is going smoothly and pretty much on lock down. FFXI has seen some wonderful adjustments in the past year with much greater promise of a new thrilling expansion.

    However, there is so much in Vanadiel that has been forgotten with its aging.

    Assaults, Pankration, MMM, Sea, gardening, Sky (NMs take too long to respawn for how quiet it can be up there). Chocobo racing, Various quests, garrison, Expeditionary forces, campaign/campaign ops/campaign BCNMs/ Allied Note NMs (ANNMs), Imperial Standing NMs (ISNMs), Empty NMs (ENMs),Zeni NMs (ZNMs), The three beastmen kings, and so on have aged with Vanadiel and have been pretty much been unchanged or forgotten about with low popularity. There are some niche uses such as assaults and ZNM for mythic, but those are the exceptions. If those did not exist then very few would even bother to do ZNMs. Most, if not all of the the aforementioned need to be modernized to add their usefulness back.

    Clamming, harvesting, mining, logging, chocobo digging and excavation could use a few changes (drops) too to freshen them up. Specifically clamming...

    Even the Kokba Hostel in Whitegate could be a much cooler place to hang out if a tweak here and there was made so it became more appealing besides just a place to take off your food you no longer want. For example there could be a NPC added there to get your 2 hour ability back. A real /random gambling system in the Hostel would be nice too. That way all the people shouting and having to honor the win with a trade afterwards could have a spot to satiate their gambling needs. The current tables just are not popular with their corsair style system. People also want to be able to put up more than a few thousand gil. Allowing players to set amounts be great. The only problem with these two cool changes to make people actually want to use the Kokba Hostel is it become congested and the entry system need to be adjusted. However, I think it be cool.

    Speaking of that; Whitegate. Even with Void Watch it is still pretty dead. It does not even have Abyssea NPCs to warp you and when is that Colosseum going to open? That NPC has told me it is closed for years now :P

    I do not include Brenner because personally I have come to believe when a game gears towards PvP they gear away from non-PvP content which is the better content. It messes with the balannce (oho!) of all content that is not PvP. The new Play as a Monster System should replace Brenner anyway with something much better and cooler.

    A lot of us paid $30 for three add on scenarios (A Crystal Line Prophecy, A Moogle Kupo D'etat, and a Shantoto Ascension) that were very short, and now only have a couple of situational pieces for jobs as they have been outdated and replaced for all but a couple augments. Perhaps adding another ending fight (after the existing one) on to these add ons for level 99s with new augments to the gear is in order.

    A great solid chunk of great content has been modernized and breathes life into this game. However, all the little things that do make FFXI great are dusty on the back of the shelf. Sometimes shortly after their release. This should not be the case.

    EDIT: Oh and a couple of BLU spells do not work still. Such as Vapor Spray never inflicting poison and Barbed Crescent does not inflict accuracy down. Other spells with similar issues include the accuracy of additional effects on Hecatomb Wave, Tourbillion, and Sandspin coming purely from base stats with skill + and magic accuracy gear not effecting them.

    Add access to Jeuno in Wings of the Goddess

    EDIT #2: Due to the request for more than "fix this" or "adjust that" I will put forward some ideas.

    EDIT #3 Jeuno idea.
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    Looking at the Auction House, you can see low level equipment does not exist due to abbyssea and book burn parties. Please make both normal quality and high quality low level gear and items relevant for the current game.

    Expanding for some clarity.

    Perhaps some kind of magian trial where you need x of armor piece progression with the end result being an endgame equipment piece.

    Or maybe add new synthesis recipes that would require older equipment. This somewhat exists with some cursed gear and other level 75 equipment.

    Possibly even some kind of salvage style trade in using high quality gear, by turning in specific HQ pieces, like the level 15, 25, 35 armors, you could get a new endgame equipment.

    I'm just looking for some way for old equipment to have a market value just like it used to back before everyone just quickly burned through levels.

    As it stands, there is no worth to selling gear for level 30-70 on the AH.
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    I want 16 macro lines, so that I can swap all my gear in one click. We can already swap all our 16 gear slots but we need 3 macro slot for it it is very unpratical. more than 16 or just "gear sets" works too.

    I want some progression system for nyzul isle instead . Remove lamps all together and "penalities" for gear aggro, stuff like that, and make defeating non 100 or 80 boss usefull. Like, have them offer a KI that makes your climb easier.

    currently making a level 75 mythic is harder than making a level 99 glowing relic or empyrean: even if you have the gil, making a mythic requires monthes of doing assaults twice (takes like 6 months), then climb nyzul isle and get enought points ( you cannot do nyzul and assautl at the same time), then einherjar points, then ZNM drops... This need to be adressed.
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