What's up FFXI Forum,

Fahros here, and I'm attempting to start something with this video (linked below) that could revitalize FFXI for a lot of people. I discuss everything at length in the video, but I'll give a quick overview here if you'd rather read some text, instead of look at me talk for a few minutes, lol.

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LMl3IuF_is

In the vlog I give a little introduction to myself, and my history in FFXI. I also talk about why I'm excited to play again. My buddies and I got really excited when Seekers of Adoulin was announced, and went back in FFXI shortly after. We're trying to finally get 'caught up', and get some level capped jobs, as well as going back and finishing all the old story we never finished in rank missions / Zilart / CoP / Aht Urgan, etc, etc. We've all been having a blast playing again, and are even looking to expand our LS...

Which is what this is really about! If you're a returning player, or even a new player, you're more than welcome to join us on the Ragnarok server, in our Linkshell: OrderOfTheDragon. We'd love to have more people to play with, because let's be honest, now days FFXI can seem pretty desolate if you don't have a lively LS. We've got a small group of around 5members now who are on daily, but we would definitely like to expand past that, and who knows, if we really kick things in to gear maybe we can finish up the age old "to do list" and move on to fresh large group content.

If you'd like to contact anybody in game, "/sea all" any of these names:

One of us should be able to help you, and if you'd like to line up a specific time with me, feel free to post in this thread, or contact me on Youtube. (I'll be frequently checking both, I'm always on the Youtubes for my channel, so both will work!)

That's about it for now guys, really stoked to be back in this game, and this environment right now.

To the good times!