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    Status Breaks and Weaponskills

    Yeah, so this time i get to post about Warrior. And this one is going to be a bit of fun.

    Something I never understood is why on earth we have the Status Break skills as weapon skills. These shoud be JOB ABILITIES that should make warrior useful as a subjob beyond provoke. Yeah thats right, I said it. And am suggesting it...............

    So it goes something like this, I would envision an ability catergory that works on an idea similar to dancers. Breaks should cause status down effects to the enemy. Should be like this................

    Status Break:
    -Attack Break
    -Defense Break
    -Evasion Break
    -Magic Attack Break
    -Magic Evasion Break

    Each one should consume TP, like quite a bit, be an actual attack (as in should do damage like some flourishes), maybe even an enhanced damage attack. the TP cost should be high though, and the effect should vary by TP. Then as a real kicker main job warriors at higher levels should get the following..........

    -TP Break (Reduce the enemy TP by an amount)
    -Full Break (would be the breaks mentioned above all in one)
    -Enchantment Break (yeah, dispel. booyeah!)
    -Speed Break (Slow effect)

    These should cost a lot more (im talking 100% TP, but still effect varied by TP..........) and deal enhanced damage as mentioned above. This kind of a change would allow WARs the option to consider different uses beyond "Swing, get tp, weaponskill." Also, might change how we use the subjob WAR.


    PS. Forgot to mention the weaponskill part. Add elemental weaponskills to the great axe that replace the loss of the Break weaponskills. I would make some that do additional effects like Plague or Blind. Maybe a Wind weaponskill that hits 4 times, deals only elemental damage, and Silences the enemy? Throw in ideas people!
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