I've always wondered why the ffxi MH doesn't have a better system for switching gears from job to job. nowadays people that have 10 to all jobs 99 have to dig through there mog house to find gear and arrange it how they like it.

My idea is where we can make armor sets for X job and switch them out in the whole set rather than 1 by 1.

so for example you pick warrior and the warrior tab for armor pops up with the list of armor that you have "temporarily bound" to that armor tab. once you have selected that job and armor set. The set you currently have in your inventory excluding random items you have gotten in battle like left over zinc ore or seals etc, it gets automatically put back into the job armor tab you recently were using.

just something i thought of that could help speed things up while switching jobs instead of digging through all the gear you've acquired over the years.