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    You know , It would be cool if they got some cross servers events & stuff for all us.

    It would be nice that we can gather up with people from the other servers from time to time so it feels like one big happy family. or a community as one.

    It gets old when you run into people from other games that play this game from time to time and there no real way to hang out with them. With out spending 25 bucks and alienated those on your server or you have to wait till one dude or gal is rich or wins the lottery to pay for everyones transfers. Cheapest route is no one reactive there accounts.

    I am sure square got a few creative people left that can get it to work or they still got all the older people running there games. It work for 10 years so we will keep it that way. Then it will be like another one bites the dust.
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