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    Quote Originally Posted by Camate View Post

    We recently confirmed that there is a bug for Nyzul Isle assault where users are able to know the order of lamps via the usage of unintended exploits.

    The development team is currently working to fix this as soon as possible, but please keep in mind that using third-party tools or any form of game exploit usage will not be tolerated and that we are continuously keeping track and dealing with this issue.

    Finally, if you are aware of players possibly using exploits, we urge you to make a report to the Special Task Force to help facilitate our investigation.
    Quote Originally Posted by Castoth View Post
    Why not just remove lamp floors entirely instead? This event is the most broken thing in FFXI as is, reducing the success rate of the cheaters to 0% (like the non-cheaters) will just make Neo Nyzul completely dead instead of just mostly dead.

    Quote Originally Posted by Demon6324236 View Post
    Please tell the reps, the community has spoken its opinion on their choices, and relay the messages brought to you by the people in this thread, concerning this change.
    The numbers have changed even more, I wonder... Camate did you tell the devs of our feedback as we asked? Any word back on how things are going or are we sticking to the same old reply about fixing dat mods but not the underlining problem?
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    We do not tolerate third party programs or promoting it. For this reason, we will be locking this thread. Thank you for your understanding.

    ~GM Baudle

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