• The following spell effects will be raised:
    Protect / Protectra / Protect II / Protectra II / Protect III / Protectra III / Protect IV / Protectra IV / Protect V / Protectra V / Knight's Minne / Knight's Minne II / Knight's Minne III / Knight's Minne IV / Knight's Minne V
    In addition, the following effects will also be increased:
    • The bonus defense enhancement granted by Protectra V.
    • The amount that the bard song Minne’s defense enhancement increases per merit point has been raised.
    • The Protecra V enhancement attribute of Cleric's Duckbills +2.
    • The enchantment attribute of Protect Ring and Protect Earring.
    • The Fields of Valor and Grounds of Valor field support effect White Magic: Protect.
  • Resistances to the following spells will be changed:
    Foe Requiem / Foe Requiem II / Foe Requiem III / Foe Requiem IV / Foe Requiem V / Foe Requiem VI / Foe Requiem VII
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