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    Dancer gear

    So I see alot of dnc at lvl 99 running around full timing their af3 +2 gear but I am having a hard time seeing the benefit of full timing this gear when comparing it to other gear that is available. Such as Toci's/Athos body, Ocelo. Headpiece and so on.

    I can see them being good as macro in pieces but my dnc seems to perform much much better when I'm not full timing the Charis +2 gear. Kills are faster, damage is reduced, etc. I have macro gear for waltzes and ws and what not of course but for instance the Charis Casaque +2, the only real benefit I can see of wearing this always is the -10% reduction to dual wield, but I find that the str/dex +13, att/acc +10, Double Att +3% and Triple Att +3% (since I were the headpiece) tends to do me better.

    Is there something I'm not seeing here?

    Why full time Charis +2?

    <<< by the way the information over there is badly behind date. I havent even been on absurdra server in nearly a year and my dnc been at 99 since 99 was open lol
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