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Thread: Dancer gear

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    Dancer gear

    So I see alot of dnc at lvl 99 running around full timing their af3 +2 gear but I am having a hard time seeing the benefit of full timing this gear when comparing it to other gear that is available. Such as Toci's/Athos body, Ocelo. Headpiece and so on.

    I can see them being good as macro in pieces but my dnc seems to perform much much better when I'm not full timing the Charis +2 gear. Kills are faster, damage is reduced, etc. I have macro gear for waltzes and ws and what not of course but for instance the Charis Casaque +2, the only real benefit I can see of wearing this always is the -10% reduction to dual wield, but I find that the str/dex +13, att/acc +10, Double Att +3% and Triple Att +3% (since I were the headpiece) tends to do me better.

    Is there something I'm not seeing here?

    Why full time Charis +2?

    <<< by the way the information over there is badly behind date. I havent even been on absurdra server in nearly a year and my dnc been at 99 since 99 was open lol
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    10% Dual Wield is going to beat any other option until you start hitting the delay cap (which you won't hit without some combination of Embrava or Marches). Here's some more information: