Ok so i had this really long, really well thought out message with examples and such and then i went to look up a specific term on wiki and my stupid firefox crashed so i lost it. Anyway, with the addition of Rune Fencer something has GOT to be changed about enmity or rune fencer will ONLY be used for it's 'attack runes' and not as a tank which is what it is intended to be. This is no longer just a pld problem or a problem generated by jobs in abyssea, where anyone can tank with the right atma's. With the introduction of the new expansion also, we wont be having those abyssean or voidwatch buffs, especially in the beginning. So PLEASE PLEASE PLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASE make a TANK a TANK and make it possible to get MORE enmity then other jobs in order to hold the mobs attention rather then just making them a hold job for people to recover or keep something off them. Otherwise, we have pld's with aegis, why do we even need rune fencer?