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    VanaFest 2012 Live Stream Schedules

    VanaFest 2012 is drawing ever nearer and the Community Team is working at full speed to get everything prepared to bring the fun and excitement of VanaFest into the comfort of your own homes! As previously mentioned, Bayohne and I will be broadcasting live from the venue, giving a breakdown of the dev panels, history panel, and showcasing all the other activities that take place. All of you will be able to watch both the main stage stream (this will only be provided in Japanese) as well as the Community Team stream (English). So with that said, we’ve gone ahead and prepared a comprehensive schedule that gives the times for both of these streams side-by-side.

    Even when we are not streaming (annotated by "OFFLINE" in the schedule) we will still be giving updates via Twitter, the forum, and other means, so everyone can follow along with the main stage content in real-time (or as close to humanly possible!).

    I can tell you that we have been looking over the announcements here at the office and the excitement is already through the roof. Take a look at the schedule and starting making plans to check out the streams! You won’t want to miss a second of it!

    *Schedules are in PDT.

    *Please note that schedules are subject to change
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