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    A Final Fantasy XI Roleplay


    Is anyone here familiar with or interested in the idea of a roleplay based off the world of Vana'diel? I have been roleplaying for quite a few years now and find that it is hard to find an audience for this type of roleplay on other sites. So I figured, I might as well go straight to the source!

    I'd like to explain some of the major aspects of roleplay:

    Roleplaying the way I do it consists usually of around 6-10 Roleplayers with basic skills in writing and creativity. Each Roleplayer creates one or more characters and they focus strictly on their own characters. Now, the idea of roleplaying is to interact your character with other Roleplayer's characters, and through that interaction you create a storyline.

    Here are some examples of Roleplays I have done in the past. I commonly use to roleplay since their forums are ideal. My name on the site is Ciel of the Light, if you are interested in my style of roleplay. ^^

    Shades of Grey: A Modern Fantasy

    To Journey's End: An Adventure/Fantasy RP

    Dead Moon: A Dark, Medieval Fantasy

    If you glance through any of the above Roleplays, you'll see the basic format of a roleplay. Me and my manthra (Solafelle) are looking for other people interested in an FFXI Roleplay.

    So~! If you have basic skills in writing and grammar and like to be creative, please feel free to reply to this thread or contact me via private message on (Again, my username on the website is Ciel of the Light).

    I look forward to hearing from you!~

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    I'm interested in joining your community, what do I need to know?