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Thread: "Armguard"

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    came up with this idea looking at "Grips" for 2handed weapon, the concept of this would be for throwing wouldn't remove tp can be set on with any ammo item. It would have base dmg that would only apply to throws with shurikens and darts it would have a wide range of stat modifiers or bonus effects that could apply to tp and ws (exmp.) +str dex 1-3 , store tp , crit dmg bonus. as for the Damage imaybe 10-25 base dmg that would apply to shurikens dmg. This would help se with congesting more shurikens that dissapoint people while giving olders ones better dmg out put.

    its a work in progress idea please add things you would like to see these "armguards" contribute. "would be similar to grips but for "range slot" for throwing."

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    I wouldn't hold your breath for anything ninja-specific using the throwing slot unless its a shuriken. From the Sange update it's pretty clear they're trying to get Ninja's to use them more and something like armguards would pull away from that.

    Besides, there are plenty of items which can be equipped in the ammo slot anyway. It doesn't need to be a specific 'new type' of item to offer stat bonuses in the ammunition slot. We've had stuff like that ever since the Morrion Tathlum.

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    What if the Armguard went into the Range slot and shurikens were still kept in Ammo. Then maybe it would be possible to link the consumable ammo and you could get Throwing WS that way. If not, you'd still benefit from what ever stats of your current Armguard.
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