Hello and thank you for taking the time to take a look a this thread.

Firstly, a short history of the LS. We are a small LS formerly from Unicorn. We have EU and a few US members at present, but we have all been together in the same LS under various names for a good number of years and have formed a nice close knit family that are always helping each other out, and looking for new ways to enjoy our playtime.

We would be ideal for new or returning players of all skill levels, that want help with limit breaks, empyrean armours and weapons (although we do have a limit of one per member at present until all those wanting one have one), old forgotten NM's, CoP, ZM's, basically anything that members would like to do we can help or schedule.

We also currently run Dynamis as a group activity every Sunday, this is optional though recommened as we have a payout system (so gets you some gil) and brings the LS together as a team forming a good working relationship/freindship between us all. Runs are carried out in our alternate LS Aftershock.

No events are compulsory, although help received generally reflects that which is put in. Anyone is free to join for certain activities and leave, people may have other LS's, they may stay to get what they want (and hopefully find us friendly enough to stay long afterwards). As said already we are only a small LS at the moment and due to this we don't have members to do everything, and the things we do take time to achieve mainly due to members play time restrictions and commitment, however if someone wants an item it will be done.. it just may take a while.

If you should be interested in checking us out then feel free to send me a /tell ingame or check out our LS site at : shockwaves.guildwork.com