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    Possible solo entry into salvage areas.

    I'm currently half way on a mythic and so far I've had 3 statics for it. Each one has disbanded over time. This has left me with a lot of missed days that I could have been working on my mythic.
    Most disbanded when one of the 3 people had to work a different shift or had other interests. This left just 2 of us there prepped to go.

    This is why I'd like to discuss the lowering of the minimum entry limit to 1. We have come to a point where you can solo most of the zones. People are already doing this by having 2 friends fake dc outside as they go in, leaving the 2 friends outside and the other person in salvage to solo.

    As a lvl99 mnk, nin, thf, bst, etc... you can effectively farm a lot of alexandrites solo.
    This would be a huge benefit to people like me who do not have a working static at this moment.

    Not only would this be great for the solo farmer doing a mythic. This would also generate more alex in bazaars, since it would be easier to farm for people interested to sell. And seeing the price of alex is around 15k a stone, this would be very lucrative.

    It would be a bonus for the mythic builders and the people just interested in gear/alex to sell.

    Would love to read your replies on this. Vote it up so it can get realized.
    Thank you.
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