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    Looking for a Beginner Friendly/German/European Linkshell

    Hello (:
    I'm a returning player but i've decided to start over all again!
    I'm primarily looking for an european linkshell because im in the time zone gmt+1.
    I speak german and also live in germany but i've got good english knowledge.
    I wouldn't mind a mix of time zones or some german people but i guess it's unlikely that i will find a german linkshell on this server.
    However, I could need some help with some quests and missions. :P
    I enjoy old school stuff like quests, missions or group play/exp partys. At the moment, I'm just running around lvling my jobs, exploring areas and doing quests.
    I just want to have fun! I don't need good gear or such stuff, though i don't decline it either
    If there is no european linkshell on this server, i will be very happy to join a english ls should someone offer one to me (:
    It would be great if there was a beginner friendly linkshell out there who wouldn't mind to help me a bit and if the ls turned out
    to have some german people or people in european time zones, it would be even better.
    Hoping on Replys (:

    Edit: My ingame name is Aribeth, do not hestitate to send me a /tell (:

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    deutsch/us amerikanisch
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    sorry ceinwin, ich bin auf shiva, sonst würde ich dich in meiner ls willkommen heissen, trotzdem viel spass noch

    Taru are living amongst us^^