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    Suggestion Voidwatch

    There are some zones people do not do often such as Zilart Tier 2. Waiting for people wanting to do it is painful. I think there should be some crunor incentives for people who need the fights.

    Eg: People who need Jeuno Tier 5, or Zilart Tier 2.

    If more than 6 people need the fight, crunor bonus goes up by 20-15%, If 2-5 people need the fight crunor goes up by 15-10%. This would help people to work together better.

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    #1 the word you're looking for is Cruor, not Crunor. Not sure if you're translating it from another language version of the game perhaps, just letting you know.

    #2 an extra 3k cruor isn't going to make people want to help out

    #3 hopefully the new planned changes to VW will make parties easier to form anyway, since you won't need the perfect setup for all procs.

    #4 if there's really a shortage of people doing the fights on your server, then the price of the drops should be rising.That is usually more of an incentive to do it. Look up what drops, how much they sell for and stick that in your shout.